Nothing has changed the human condition in the last few decades quite like technology and we have only scratched the surface of this phenomenon. Jobs, livelihoods, professions and careers all underwent massive changes.

While some of this impact has been negative, most of it has been positive. Many career paths unfolded offering opportunities for everyone around the globe a chance to lift themselves out of poverty.

Traditional jobs as we know them have experienced growth and sector developments owing to the tools and resources found online. Today, any career individual would be missing out on a chance at advancement if they don’t take advantage of online tools.

There are many tools and resources out there and below are just a few.

1. Resume building software

A great resume is the starting point for your professional journey. Without a resume that stuns potential employers, you are unlikely to land a favorable opportunity. Building a great resume however is not a skill we all have and instead, the use of a resume builder is advisable.

It is a practical option to use a resume-building tool than to craft a resume from scratch every time you intend to apply for a job. Your chances of landing your dream job increase if you submit a resume that any hiring manager will find nothing short of impressive.

2. Building professional networks

There are many sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed where you will find the best opportunity to meet and network with peers in your professional field. From possible employers to employees and even mentors, a tool like this opens you up to many possibilities in professional development.

Many business relationships have begun on such sites and these relationships have created new opportunities for even more professionals to interact in a relevant and impactful manner.

job chances

3. Online courses

The benefits of online courses cannot be overstated. While education may have been the preserve of a few, online courses have made education available en masse. This has meant that a very large portion of the population has access to skills and therefore is employable.

Online courses have also made working professionals better at their jobs and widened their skillsets making them more productive and indispensable.

4. Marketing and advertising

Every business needs great advertising and the online space allows for robust advertising campaigns that can run indefinitely. Like any good product, you also can advertise yourself, your qualifications, and your merchandise with ease.

The fact that you can reach an almost limitless target audience already improves your chances of landing the job or client that you intend. Online marketing is also streamlined to target relevant audiences compared to pre-technological times when adverts simply aired and often landed on disinterested parties.


Online tools are numerous and more and more apps, sites, and systems continue to be developed to catapult businesses and careers even higher. The presence of these tools has helped to improve the overall professional outlook of the entire world.

If you are looking to improve your job chances or advance in your career, there are online resources available to you.

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