With the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup winding down and the beginning of football season still a ways off, most sports fans only have the MLB for the next couple of months. In today’s day and age, that means there will be plenty of betting interest to go along with the renewed focus on the boys of summer.

There’s nothing wrong with that either – baseball is still the most popular sport in several states. But how do you bet on baseball? We put this helpful guide together to help get you started betting on the MLB so you can keep that FanDuel or DraftKings account active.

Pick a Sportsbook

The very first decision you’ll have to make is where to place your bets, but this can be a bit tricky. You’ll need to assess what sportsbooks are active in your states, what kind of bonuses are available, and what sportsbooks have the features you want.

That may seem like a bit of a daunting task, but there are plenty of resources available to help. Many websites are dedicated to thoroughly comparing and reviewing online sportsbooks, such as SportsbooksOnline.com. Using a site like Sportsbooks Online, you’ll be able to easily find an online sportsbook that suits your needs.

Do Your Research

Now that you’re all signed up and registered with a sportsbook, you’ll be able to start betting on baseball. But not so fast – you don’t want to go off half-cocked and blow all of your money.

Do a little bit of digging on the match-up and make an informed decision first. How has each team performed recently? Did one of the teams go deep into their bullpen the previous night? How do the star players on each team typically perform against the type of pitcher they’re facing?

It takes some time, but doing this prep work will inevitably lead to better results.

The Basics of Baseball Betting: Spreads, Moneylines, and Totals

So you’re on a sportsbook, you’ve done your research, and you want to bet on the night’s Yankees-Rays match-up. But what exactly are you looking at? The three most common types of wagers are spreads, moneyline, and total runs scored bets.

Spreads – Also known as runline betting, this type of wager assigns a handicap to each team to even the playing field. If the Rays had -1.5 next to them on a sportsbook, then they would have to win by at least 2 runs in order to be considered a winning bet.

Moneyline – Fairly simple, this is just picking a team to win a given game. The odds don’t always pay out evenly, as the two teams won’t always have the same expected result in a game. The favorites pay out less in this kind of bet, while the underdogs pay out more.

Totals – This is just betting on how many runs will be scored in a game, also known as over/unders. For example, if the O/U of a game was 6.5, then at least 7 total runs would have to be scored to win if you bet on the over.

Advanced Baseball Betting: Player Props, Betting by Inning, and Live Betting

We’ve got the basics down, you can start messing around with the more advanced betting features of your sportsbook. There are tons of ways to deep dive and move past the more vanilla features.

Player Props – Many online sportsbooks provide you with a deep range of prop bets for each player during a game. You can often bet on whether a position player will hit a home run or the over/under on how many hits they will have in the game. For pitchers, you can often bet on their strikeout totals or how far the starter will go in the game.

Betting by Inning – A cool thing about betting on baseball is that you can essentially treat each inning as its own game. Online sportsbooks tend to offer you all of the basic betting features we detailed above for each inning. If you want to really predict how the game script will play out, then you should try betting by inning.

Live Betting – The age of online sports betting has popularized live betting to new heights. Here, you can react to what you’re watching and profit. Is the winning team turning to their shaky set-up man in the 8th inning? You can bet on the losing team to come back and win and get a nice return on investment.

Putting it All Together

Now that you’ve got your wagers picked out, it’s time to submit them.

You can either bet on them individually or combine multiple bets in a parlay to get some bigger payouts. Many sportsbooks also allow you to combine multiple wagers from a single game into what’s called a same game parlay. But be careful – if just one of your bets loses then the whole wager goes bust. It’s very high-risk, high-reward, so beginners may be better off sticking to single bets for the time being.

Either way, you should be well prepared to start betting on baseball now! Good luck! 


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