Modern properties have to double as both home and office, with more people embracing the work-from-home approach. Are you an entrepreneur with a passion for teaching? You may be considering online tutoring. You may have even done your homework, learned what you need to start an online tutoring service, and feel ready. Among the areas where you can save considerable costs is the working space. Today, you don’t have to rent a fancy office since you can work from home. But, how do you pick the best rental to double as your office for online tutoring? Here are a few pointers to get you going.


Location can never take the backseat whenever you want to buy and rent real estate in Kenya. Location means different things, though, considering the real estate use. As you pick the right location for your online tutoring business, among the top location checks are:

  • Amenities: Can you quickly access essential amenities like eateries, shopping centers, financial services, medical facilities, and schools for your kids? Proximity to such amenities saves you more time, allowing you to focus on tutoring. Also, consider the internet access and connectivity to utilities like water and electricity. Your work-from-home endeavors will be smooth with stable internet connectivity, utilities, and proximity to amenities.
  • Privacy: Is the neighborhood noisy? Privacy will be a perfect recipe for a disastrous tutoring experience. If your clients can hardly hear what you say or struggle to keep the communication going, the sessions won’t be productive. You’ll lose one client after the next, emphasizing the need to consider the privacy levels.
  • Security: You’ll be spending most of your time at home, and it wouldn’t be productive if you constantly worry about your safety. A secure rental house can significantly improve productivity by enjoying a peaceful working environment. It is not just about your valuables but also about the peace of mind you get.
House For Your Online Tutoring

Property size

Working from home can be tricky if you don’t have a dedicated workstation. Your bedroom or living rooms aren’t the most productive spaces. It would help if you had a distractions-free work area to facilitate smooth progress. Therefore, if you have a family or roommate, they know not to disturb you in the work area; this could be a dedicated room or desk with everything you need for tutoring.

Whether renting the whole house or a part and sharing with others, considering the size and ensuring you have enough to set up a home office is critical, allowing you to develop a favorable tutoring space. Also, think about the growth potential, which means you may have to invest in more furniture, hence the need for flexibility to scale up.

Rental price

Working from home is cost-effective. However, you still have to do the math. How much monthly rental can you afford? Don’t base your financial capacity on the projection of your online tutoring business. Instead, think about your current financial situation and other streams of income you have. Therefore, you can pick a house within your budget, meaning even when the tutoring business is not flowing well, you can still afford the rental home.

Besides the rent, consider other aspects impacting the cost of living. This includes meals, utility bills, and transportation expenses, especially if you have school-going kids, to name a few. Accounting for such gives you a vivid picture, allowing you to pick a rental house that won’t spread your finances too thin.

Online tutoring is a lucrative opportunity, and doing it from a rental home offers much more. You avoid costs like transport, office lease, and expensive cafeteria meals. You also save time since you won’t have to commute, allowing you to do more within a day. However, your online tutoring quests are significantly influenced by the rental property you pick, emphasizing the need to dig deeper and go beyond the cosmetic elements as you browse the houses. A quiet, safe, accessible, well-connected rental home is the go-to for profitable online tutoring endeavors.

International academic consultant, master teacher trainer, editor, e-content developer, project manager and specializing in education for the Middle East. Hamed has a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. He is skilled in coaching, staff development, and instructional design.


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