The former Goldman Sachs executive said that he is bullish on Ripple (XRP) despite its legal fight against the US Securities regulatory body.

Raoul Pal is the chief executive officer of RealVision and also a former executive of Goldman Sachs. Raoul is popularly known as a Macro guru in the crypto space and also he keeps sharing his thoughts on the ongoing situation in the crypto sector. 

On 8 October, In a new live AMA session of “Real Vision Finance,” Raoul said that he is bullish on the XRP token, despite its backend team’s legal hurdles with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

“I’m long a bit. I think it’s like a special situation, and I think the court case gets resolved positively, and it goes up…,” Raoul said.

Raoul said that XRP can’t be traded by Americans because of the Ripple vs SEC case but still there is huge activity on the XRP ledger protocol and it makes sense at which the price of XRP token is standing under these situations. He is also hopeful with the XRP Lawsuit and belives that result will go in favour of Ripple team.

On the Decentralized finance (Defi) protocol, the former Goldman Sachs executive said that he is not a big Defi investor but still he has a small investment in Uniswap & AAVE. 

“I’m not a big Defi person. I’m not a big yield person. But I look at the chart. I own a bit of Uniswap. I own a bit of Aave. They’re pretty good.”

The current price of Uniswap (UNI) is $6.56, which is 2.39% high than the last 7 days’ trade value. 

I own a bit of Uniswap & Aave, Says RealVision CEO 1

While AAVE price is $74.84 and this price is 0.4% down over the last 7 days’ trade price. 

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