With advancements in the field of technology and available resources, a degree in information technology helps us in many ways. In the present scenario, there is a slight increase in the number of Information Technology Engineering students.

Information Technology does contribute to our everyday lives, and also plays a significant role in commercial, professional, and personal purposes.

Nowadays, every sector involves the use of computers and technology on a daily basis. Therefore, almost every organization includes criteria like, “B.Tech in Information Technology” or “Masters in Information Technology” in their job descriptions. Also, there are somewhat more career options in the IT sector, compared to other fields of engineering.

Therefore, some of the top engineering colleges in Thane emphasize learning and providing proper career guidance in this context. 

In this blog, we will learn about Information Technology Engineering, and what will be the impacts of considering this subject as a career option.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) generally involves the study of computers and any type of telecommunications that retrieve, transmit, study, store, manipulate data, and successfully send information. Moreover, the study of Information Technology includes a combination of both hardware and software, that is used to perform the essential tasks that people need and use regularly.

IT usually influences the everyday tasks of individuals, which include gathering information, shopping online, visiting a doctor or booking an appointment, banking, and dining out. Furthermore, be it any sort of business, departments of higher education, healthcare services, finance, or food departments, Information Technology always plays a crucial role in every aspect.

Usual structure and syllabus of Information Technology Engineering

The IT course for undergraduates is divided into eight semesters. Going by the marking system, every student is given points as per the number of subjects included in each semester.

However, the syllabus of this course involves subjects related to Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Soft Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web Technologies, Software Architecture, Simulation and Modelling, Advances Database Structures, and many more.

But recently, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Business security, Blockchain drones, and IoT are recognized as some of the trends, revolutionizing the industry. And with increasing job openings, the IT sector has become the cornerstone of the engineering fraternity.

Moreover, there are renowned and excellent engineering colleges located in the state of Maharashtra. Among them, TERNA Engineering College in Mumbai is one of the most popular and recognized by all. Along with other specializations, TERNA Engineering College in Navi Mumbai includes Information Technology Engineering in its curriculum and is made available for undergraduate,  postgraduate, and Ph.D. students.

Information Technology

Department of Information Technology (TERNA Engineering College)

The Information Technology department aims at providing proper guidance and knowledge to their students. Also, tries to ensure that their teachings and lessons help the students to reach new heights by enhancing their skills, executing real-world projects for gaining experience, applying innovative ideas, and preparing themselves to face the competitive world.

However, the IT course for undergraduate students was established in 2002 and has around 60 intake capacity. Later, the postgraduate course was established between 2011-12 with nearly 18 intake capacity. The Ph.D. course was set up between 2014-15 with 10 intake capacity. Overall, the department has managed to complete around 14 batches, without any flaws. Moreover, it consists of numerous university-ranking students to their names.  

Most importantly, this department comprises experienced and dedicated faculty members. With the assistance of those faculty members, the department has successfully organized various workshops, guest lectures, seminars, real-time projects, industrial visits, and internships for their students. This is because of their strong belief that such initiatives will be beneficial for the students, and will further keep them updated with the real-world scenario. The department consists of 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, and 9 Assistant Professors, who are always open to new ideas, innovation, and practices.

Moreover, the department offers hands-on experience with Mac OS to develop Mobile iOS applications. And, classes with LCD projectors (Digi Class). It has fully furnished laboratories with all the essentials.

Their achievements include securing 2nd Rank in “Smart India Hackathon-2017”, which was a National Level competition.

In the competition, this department of engineering college in Mumbai managed to register a cash prize of approximately Rs. 75,000/- to their names.

Also, they successfully secured 2nd Rank in the “UI Path Hackathon” conducted by Tech Mahindra. There, they received around Rs. 1,05,000/-

Furthermore, the department has successfully arranged various departmental programs. Some of those programs include:

  • Workshop on “MS-Word and MS- Excel”, from 25 to 28 October 2021
  • One week Faculty Development Programme on “Deep Learning and Applications”
  • Faculty Orientation Program for “Wireless Network & Sensor Network Lab” on 10 January 2019
  • 5 days STTP on “Advancement in Data Analytics” in association with Gauranga Technologies on 2nd July 2018- 7th July 2018
  • Placement Orientation Lecture for Teradata on recent technologies (Big Data, R, Python)

Besides these, there were other essential and career-related programs, conducted by this top-most engineering college in Mumbai.

The link to the online application form for undergraduate students is http://www.mahacet.org. For further admission-related queries, do visit their website.

Also, the placement cell of this engineering college in Mumbai properly guides, and comes up with good and deserved opportunities for the candidates. Over the years, it has helped the applicants to achieve their desired goals and ambitions.

The TERNA Engineering College in Mumbai is well-known for its ability to strengthen the skills and realize the potential of students. And among the top BE colleges in Maharashtra, it is specifically appreciated for its properly-maintained and disciplined Time-Table.

With the motto of providing guidance and shaping the dreams of individuals, this engineering college in Mumbai was established in 1991. Moreover, this is one of the top-most BE colleges in Navi Mumbai.

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