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Jake Gyllenhaal opens up about the main reason why filming love scenes with Hollywood actresses Jennifer Aniston in the 2002 film ‘The Good Girl’ was ‘torture,’ during a new interview.

Jake Gyllenhaal describes that staring opposite Aniston in the early aughts as “torture” because of his unrequited ‘crush’. The 40 years old actor reflected on the difficulties he had faced with Jennifer Aniston when he was asked about what it was like to film a romantic scene with her, by the host Howard Stern on “The Howard Stern Show.


“It was torture, but it was also not torture,” the actor revealed with equal sarcasm. “I mean, come on. It was like. A mix of both.”

The host then submitted that Jake might have had to warn the ‘Friends’ actress about feeling “a protrusion,” and he replied that R-rated moment was generally “awkward.”

“There are maybe 30. 50 people watching it,” Gyllenhaal said. “That doesn’t turn me on. Most of the time, it’s oddly mechanical. Also, it’s a dance. You’re choreographing for a camera.”

Gyllenhaal also disclosed that the sex scenes were filmed using something he referred to as “the pillow technique”, used for added physical separation between their bodies whenever they were “in a horizontal place”.

“The pillow technique was used. That was just pre-emptive. And used generally always. When actually in a horizontal place. In that movie,” he said.

“I think that was actually a. Jennifer suggestion,” Jake added. “She was very kind. To suggest it before we began. She was like. I’m putting a pillow here.”

The ‘Love & Other Drugs‘ actor was 22 years old when The Good Girl came out, and the film found him playing Aniston’s on-screen love interest. He has previously revealed in interviews admitted that he had a crush on Aniston “for years” after filming the movie. “I will say. I had a crush on her. For years. So working with her. Was not easy,” he said.

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