The perception of jewelry is ever-evolving, particularly for men, wherein a highly decorated man in history was one of wealth and power. However, in this day and age, a lot of jewelry is often perceived as feminine accessories, influencing most men to steer clear. Despite this, gender roles are gradually losing prominence in our current climate, meaning that more men are willing to experiment with jewelry. Although not everyone is ready to jump in straight away with the extravagant accessories, so what are some subtle pieces to incorporate jewelry into a man’s wardrobe?

A Watch

Watches are a timeless piece that has always been predominantly worn by men and so are the ideal piece to introduce jewelry into a man’s life. There is a lot to consider before purchasing a new watch; whether you want a leather or bracelet strap, or an automatic or battery-powered watch is only the beginning. You also have to consider budget, lifestyle, and wrist size to name a few of the affecting factors. A watch is an investment so if you believe that your chosen watch will remain stylish in 20 years’ time then that is certainly a good fit.

A Bracelet

Considering men are so onboard with watches, they often struggle to welcome a bracelet into their wardrobe, but this is because they do not know what is out there. Whether it be silver cuffs or designer leather bracelets, there are many minimal, classy bracelet designs for the modern man. These will allow you to incorporate a striking feature into your usual outfits, without creating an overwhelming focal point.

A Necklace

Necklaces are a difficult accessory to navigate for the modern man; too delicate appears too feminine, yet too bulky is too overpowering. A good compromise is a slim silver chain that will complement your style without overshadowing it. For an even more subtle look, you might wear it underneath your t-shirt so that it slightly peaks out of your neckline but is still noticeable.


Rings for men are often reserved for marriage but they can also act as a fashionable statement of any ensemble. Whether it be a signet ring or a plain band, rings are the most subtle of accessories that can really contribute to your outfit’s makeup.


Cufflinks are often considered to be reserved for formal occasions, but they can act as a point of interest for any cuffed shirt. Cufflinks are an even more subtle feature than rings so you can really experiment with them. They will go unnoticed by a lot of people, but they might be a great way to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit.

A Tie Clip

Like cufflinks, tie clips are not often considered for the majority of occasions, as they are thought to be very corporate. However, they are the ideal candidate to tie in any other jewelry that you might be wearing as long as you match your metals. A splash of silver here and there is an ideal way to elevate your monochrome looks.


All in all, jewelry does not have to be reserved for women or those with more extravagant attire. There are plenty of minimal and masculine accessories that uplift and complement otherwise lackluster looks. Now that we live in a time where fashion rules are limited, there is no reason not to branch out and purchase some exciting accessories. Individuality is now applauded rather than shunned, and so making your fashion your own is absolutely imperative. Be sure that your outfits scream “you” by bringing unique accessories into your existing wardrobe.



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