Kim Kourtney Kardashian darma KUWTK episode

It seems like the tension between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian is back, a preview for the upcoming episode of ‘KUWTK’ shows the two sisters squabbled, just one year after their physical altercation.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian will have some words on the upcoming episode of KUWTK. A preview for the episode aired. On May 13. And shows some drama between the Kardashians sisters. “You have a reputation of degrading people,” the KKW beauty founder tells Kourt. To which the older sister replies, “Kim, shut the f*** up.” In a confessional, Khloe says, “We all have the ability to be negative. And we should want to change.”

These scenes come one year after Kourtney and Kim’s last explosive fight. The drama then started with Khloe, 36, and Kim, 40, admitting their frustration over their eldest sister, Kourtney. And show their desire to not filming certain aspects of her life for the family’s reality show.

The tensions were rising for weeks, and it ends it up getting a physical altercation between Kourt and Kim. Afterward, the SKIMS founder even had visible scratches on her body from the fight!

Kim Kourtney Kardashian darma KUWTK episodeBoth sisters were extremely upset. And it eventually led the eldest sister to wound up taking a step back from the show, and starting to pick and choose what she wanted the cameras to film. Shortly after the altercation. The two were forced to spend time together. When they took their kids on a trip to Armenia, and they seemed to get back into a good place after a few months.

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