As we move into the holiday season, customers will be looking to decorate their homes in bright lights. Stocking durable outdoor lights that can withstand the cold and snow is a great way to welcome customers in to your store with holiday cheer and take care of their decorating needs. From simple strands of white lights to sporadically blinking icicles, the variety of outdoor holiday lighting products available offer endless options for everyone. 

Simple lighting options, like Christmas Designer’s strands of white lights or multi-colored lights, are ideal for customers looking for holiday lighting that is easy to put up but still makes a great impression. Pre-lit items, like this garland, are also easy to install and function as simple statement pieces customers are sure to enjoy. 

Icicle lights are also bold eye-catching options as they can be left up beyond the holidays and into the winter months. Christmas Lights, Etc offers long and short strands of icicle lights that can blink consistently or at random intervals to add variety to an outdoor lighting display. This company also offers net lights, which can be draped over a shrub or a bush to create the stranded light effect as simply as possible. They also have products to secure light strands so they can withstand bad weather and keep lights up and shining bright.


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