Crypto Investors are showing significant interest in failed crypto asset and project Terra, as an opportunity to make a significant profit.

The whole crypto industry knows very well how the Terra ecosystem crashed badly and that resulted in the collapse of the two native tokens of the Terra blockchain, namely the old Luna coin (LUNC) and Terra UST. The collapse of the Terra ecosystem resulted in a very big loss for many crypto investors and also it resulted in a very negative outcome for the whole crypto industry because the majority of the Terra-linked crypto companies faced significant losses. Even the collapse of Terra resulted in a big very critical situation for crypto lending platforms like BlockFi, Celsius. 

In the present situation, the crypto industry is recovering at a significant rate, just after the two months of Terra ecosystem collapse. The majority of the crypto assets are now trying to reach their basic price, which they deserve. 

It is strange to see that the old Luna coin (LUNC) or say Luna classic and new Luna coin (Luna) are getting better support from the whole crypto industry as a perfect choice in the present situation. 

According to the current data by the Cointracking website Coinmarketcap, Luna coin is standing at first rank & Luna classic is standing at third rank, in the trending assets list. 

Luna & Luna Classic are trending at the top rank: is Terra getting back? 1

The current global trade volume of the Luna coin is more than $1.1 billion and at the time of writing this article price of the Luna, the coin is $2.28, which is 38.5% high over the last 7 days’ trade price.

The current price of Luna classic (LUNC) is $0.0001017 and this price is also 13.3% high over the last 7 days’ trade price, which is Itself a very big achievement for these two coins, after the failure of the Terra project.

Luna & Luna Classic are trending at the top rank: is Terra getting back? 2

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