With the growing metaverse space, passengers now want to experience and check their room beforehand, and they want to do this before they finalize their hotel room booking deal, and they also preferred that no one should talk to them during the duration of their stay in the hotel.

While it was expected that people after the recent pandemic situation people would be eager and desperate to travel, the opposite happened, it has turned them into anti-social beings that only prefer interactions with robots.

A new research report by Oracle Hospitality made it clear that passengers now have a serious dislike for the public and that they now don’t want to have interactions with others.

As per the reports travellers do not like to think about talking to hotel staff. 73% of those surveyed want hotels to provide technologies that help them reduce interactions with the respective hotel workers. They also showed disinterest in interactions with the other guests.

While about three-quarters of the travellers wanted to use their mobile devices to manage their whole hotel experience with easy-to-approach functions like check-in and check-outs, paying food bills, and ordering food too.

Although this is a good sign for the hotel owners who were looking towards the technological aspects, in managing their hotels during the times of staff shortages, while at the same time without hurting or reducing the quality of experience and services they provide.

The everyday room cleaning service is going out of fashion very soon, furthermore, nobody even wants their belongings to be touched, only a quarter of them want their rooms to be cleaned every day, but the majority were careful and concerned about their belongings.

The travellers even wanted digital art in their rooms, matching and based on their taste, they can report for the art they want beforehand during the booking phase.

Travellers also want hassle-free transitions while ordering any kind of room service or during signing up for streaming services, ” 45% of them said that their top must-have during their stay is, the on-demand entertainment service that seamlessly connects to the personal gaming or streaming accounts.”

The survey found that the travellers are intending to remove the touch factor from the Industry. As, 43% of the travellers wanted voice-activated controls for all the amenities (lights, locks, curtains, temperature) available in the room. They are also looking forward to a hotel model that allows them to pay for only the things they use.

The senior Vice President of Oracle Hospitality Alex Alt said, “technology has played a great role during the pandemic in the travels of guests and associates, and there’s no going back from here now. Even if the hotel has only 2 properties or 2000 guests that are looking for the most digital, self-service experience they can expect in any other part of their life, from banking to ordering food, Hoteliers need systems, especially during reduced property staffing, to meet these needs so that they can quickly adapt and ‘plug in’ new services and provide better and more efficient services to a wide variety of travellers.”

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