Furniture of Mexican style has a robust presence of solid wood. Since the 16th century, when Spanish-Mexican architecture and furnishings were created, the cultural identity of strength and stability has existed. Nowhere is this trait more deliberate than in Mexican Style bedroom furniture.


Purposeful wood grain and clean lines reflect this society in handmade products with a global presence of beautiful cultural design. Different softwoods and hardwoods are used in creating natural, new wood furniture pieces, but they all have one thing in common.

Three different types of Mexican types are popular in the decorating world. Country, Southwestern, and Modern are today’s favorites for bringing an upscale look to a culture that has existed for centuries. Without losing the traditional standard of colors and textures, you can mix and match the Spanish feel with ease.

Original designs of the Mexican style are featured, usually with a particular region in mind. Whether in shape, hardware, or carvings, a Mexican bedroom furniture set will add character and a high-quality appeal to your bedroom.

Since the 11th century, learning principles and skills of woodworking practices have been held to a high standard. The First Carpenter’s Guild was designed after the Worldwide University of Guilds, which sets standards for skilled workers in carpentry and agriculture.

Regardless of what country you visit or what you purchase from skilled carpenters, the same high quality is revered. Mexican handmade furniture is no different regardless of where they are located. They could be located in Mexico, San Francisco, or Puerto Rico, and the same standards and pride will be found.

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Types of Timber

Solid pine wood is a popular type of timber that is used by many Spanish artisans. There are over 100 species of pine, but the most common in the United States is Western yellow pine or ponderosa pine. It is neither categorized as softwood nor hardwood, holding an intermediate position. 

Hardwoods used for a bold, heavy presence in a Mexican furniture collection are oak, cedar, and mesquite. A simple design that shows off the unique natural color of wood grains and is polished by a Mexican hand is all necessary for these hardwoods.

Tables in dining rooms and living room coffee tables are other areas where substantial hardwoods are used. You will find no particle board in the hardwood selection of furniture.


Mexican Rustic Style Bedroom Furniture

Mexican rustic intends to duplicate the old world or, precisely, the Spanish Colonial period using renewable resources of new wood that is weathered and slight variations of imperfection. The seasoned look of this rustic furniture is perfect for a rustic log cabin or mountain hideaway. 


Painted country-style Mexican furniture is based along the same lines as rustic, only including a unique color-washed look of mild natural shades of blue or green rustic finish. When set beside a low-profile metal bed frame, the blend looks terrific. 

Sofa sets are often made of ponderosa pine and covered with faux leather. Meaty-rolled arms give a majestic presence to the piece. Rustic side tables with wrought iron or pottery lamps deliver an old west flavor. Copper is an excellent metal that interacts well with Mexican woods. It will add depth to a room, whether used in hardware or accessories.

If you want a great addition to your rustic bedroom that offers a unique quality, look at the 15th-century dyed pigskin Equipale chairs. Made from pigskin, cedar wood, and willow, it will add a rustic look wherever you place it. The good news is that maintenance is minimal as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight. 

Beautiful Hardwoods for Mexican Bedroom Furniture

Handmade furniture of mesquite delivers an extraordinary work of art. This hardwood has unbelievable smokey colors that intertwine with golden yellows and browns that will serve as a focal point on table tops or a bedroom bench.

AdvertisementsChunky oak Mexican bedroom furniture is a great way to show off a high-rise box spring and mattress that calls you to a good night’s sleep. Short and wide, a 4-post spiral topped with colorful balls can turn a child’s bedroom into a typical fiesta. With deep blues and vivid reds to accent the posts, the touch of color is inspiring.

Mexican Style Bedroom Accessories

The best designers will tell you that rich colors and woven, natural textures in primitive patterns and prints are essential in Mexican decor. Solid colors of deep blues, golden yellows, lush greens, and vivid reds will always be seen around a Mexican living space.

Authentic Talavera pottery is today’s popular choice as an accessory. A type of tin-glazed earthenware, the process is very complex and reserved for those specializing in the centuries-old tradition of making Talavera pottery.

A chest of drawers can become a centerpiece with this unique type of pottery sitting atop. This can be a wonderful collection to start because of the rarity and beauty of each piece. Bowls, plates, and ceramic pots can become your new passion for fine Mexican art. 

Wall art of Mexican decor can range from colorful tapestries to Mayan culture paintings. Folk art is also acceptable in a casual setting. You can recognize Mexican folk art by the primitive appearance of flora and fauna. These paintings bring a cheerful greeting to a bedroom. Oil paintings of Spanish villages, countrysides, or historical significance can deliver a sophisticated look.

Bedspreads and comforters can become the focus of a Mexican bedroom with horizontal stripes and long fringe. There will be little more decoration that will be needed with lustrous mixed colors in a Boho design statement. Southwest prints or plain colors will also work depending on your choice of rugs and accessories. 

Mexican-style bedroom furniture is a tradition of hard work and a proud cultural background. The wood species shows how serious Mexican artisans are in creating quality furniture. You can count on the precision quality of every piece of furniture. While there are some companies that mass produce Mexican furniture, it is not difficult to spot the richness that belongs to an authentic handmade natural wood piece.


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