Bathroom faucets were all the rage when ball valves made water temperature control possible. Little did we know that 1945 was just the beginning of the design for the best bathroom faucet. Controlled pressure soon became a standard feature of widespread faucets. Modern bathroom faucets are essential to today’s necessities in comfortable bathroom living. 

We can control water efficiency through modern bathroom sink faucets and water flow. Water-saving features, like WaterSense, reducing the standard flow of water from 2.2 gallons per minute to 1.55 gallons per minute, is a perfect choice for saving on water bills and cutting back on water waste. 


Ceramic disc cartridges, compared to rubber or plastic washers, are superior. They protect the valve and are more durable than competitors. They will outlive washers and stand up better to extreme water temperatures. A ceramic disc valve and water-saving measures are available for kitchen sinks, bidet faucets, and shower systems.

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Why Brand Names are Important

With something as important as cold water and hot water, skimping on quality should not be an option. Your whole family relies on the faucet handles to deliver fresh water. The option of a single-hole design or perhaps a swivel spout is up to your personal style.

Contemporary faucets continue to evolve with useful features and a wide variety of styles for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Bringing an updated look to your bathroom with vanities and sinks should always include standard bathroom faucets or customized in luxury to satisfy your style. 

Many excellent faucet manufacturers offer a variety of finishes. Pfister, Delta, Moen, and Kohler are among the significant names you may be familiar with. Each is a great choice in quality, longevity, and style. However, a few companies get recognition as high-end, and for a good reason.


Speakman is an American company still dedicated to its craft after 130 years. They have filed over 100 patents for innovation and design and get recognized for inventing the adjustable shower head. It is easy to see why competitors follow their lead in the newest trends.

Reviewers mention the heavy and sturdy material and the spotless finish. With quality throughout, Speakman single-hole bathroom faucets and other models come with a limited lifetime guarantee. The Speakman Kubos shower faucet is a fine example, which features a balanced water pressure diverter valve and an adjustable temperature limit. 


Rohl concentrates on the feeling of pure luxury. Coming out with the first pull-out spray kitchen faucet in the early 1980s, this firm is fabulous at matching fixtures to vessel sinks and modern design showers. Lever handles of stainless steel come in collections crafted especially for frequent use. 

Make a statement with a 3-hole bathroom faucet that reflects the natural feel of the sea with delicate geometric shapes of fresh pineapple. The solid brass construction guarantees a lifetime of wear but is also a matter of personal preference. 


Jacuzzi has earned its recognition from the modern style fittings used in Jacuzzi tubs. This makes them an expert in not only the tub faucet but showers and sinks. We can craft everything from subtle curves to popular traditional design to match your bathroom design with quality and performance.

Known for its patented Hydrotherapy system, Jacuzzi is the master in delivering water that massages and strengthens muscles and joints. With the right balance of water and air, they have discovered the easiest ways to deliver an incredible bathing experience.


MaestroBath is an Italian brand that hand-makes bathroom sinks and fittings in luxurious styles. If you see a pair of wide-cut Swarovski Crystal handles on a sink grouping, Maestro has probably created it. Only the finest materials get used in their artful displays of the modern space of a sink deck. Whatever your dream bathroom requires, MaestroBath will deliver.

The price is high, but a modern look for a drop-in sink oozes exquisite flair with single handle faucets of brushed gold finish. The latest in features and designs can accompany any specific need you desire. Electronic controls with a digital display, streaming waterfall faucet, or touchless faucet are among the specialties. 


Kohler is a name that appears in both domestic and luxury categories of faucets. They are an American company that has been around since 1873 and is a giant in plumbing products. Herb Kohler died on September 3, 2022, at 83, but left the building blocks for his company to expand into the future. Kohler is a name you can trust if you have plans for a bathroom renovation.

Styles and Designs

Faucets have been developing since the rough-in valve, and chrome finish faucets were used. Along with the internal improvements of the ceramic cartridge and more rugged mounting hardware, the exterior looks have exploded into creative style. Today, the eight-inch spread is still desirable, as are the single handle bathroom faucets. 

Modern and minimalist decors play with clean lines and simple natural features. A perfect example of a bathroom faucet would comprise right angles and a matte black finish. This model will not be imposing but will add a modern touch to existing bathroom furnishings.

Contemporary design plays on the tranquil side of bathroom decor but is never boring. Many options exist to bring out an aesthetic presence to sinks and faucets. Either a 3-hole or single hole mount would be acceptable. For instance, a rose gold bathroom faucet with a high arc can add a glamorous look as vessel sink faucets. The single-handle faucet is becoming more popular with these designs. Tones of gray and pink accessories will make them a modern addition.

Chic, or Modern country interiors, gives you many sinks, bathroom accessories, and options. Faucets should blend with the scenery to allow wood and metal to take the stage. Brushed nickel finish or oil-rubbed bronze work well with a natural presence. 

The single hole bathroom faucet is the best-selling model today. Unless you are using an existing backdrop that has three holes, most shoppers prefer the single-hole faucet. The single-hole design uses less space and does the job with only one hand. 

Some reviewers state that once you have tried a single hole faucet, you will never return to another. They sell them on anything that saves time, space, and steps. Replacement is easy, and the options in design are incredible.

Wall mount faucets are gaining popularity, with freestanding tubs and sink coming on the market. While they have a clean and balanced look, you must weigh the pros and cons. Will this always be a permanent site for your tub or sink? Is the change in style and location something that everyone can accept? If this is a shared bathroom, get opinions from all parties. 

Selecting faucets for your bathroom is more complicated than it used to be. Styles, sizes, colors, and textures have to be coordinated with the simplicity of use but also with the presence of the fixtures. If in doubt, ask for suggestions from your bath design representative or a home decorator. Choices of faucets can be overwhelming as more and more designs and benefits come into play. 


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