Managing cables around the house can seem overwhelming, especially with more and more smart devices coming out and needing an outlet to plug into. Using various products can help keep your cables organized together and away from small children and pets, who can easily get tangled up in cords or chew on them. 

Cable raceways from CableOrganizer allow customers to easily run long cables throughout their homes, such as a long ethernet cord from their wireless router to their computer in the office, which may be a few rooms over. The cable raceways keep the cables tucked away in a protective covering that won’t damage the cable and will keep it out of the way and remove it as a potential tripping hazard. 

Keeping cords together behind appliances such as TVs can be hard or can be an eyesore. Using Heat Shrink Tubes from Essentra Components can keep the cords all together in one area, wrapping them together with a protective outer covering to keep them safe. 

Cordini offers a different way to manage longer cables. If an appliance or item has a long cord but is located right next to the power outlet, the Cordini outlet cover creates a place to store the long cord under the face plate. The wire wraps around the inside of the cover and then the cover slips over the outlet face plate for a snug fit. This hides the cord and keeps it protected from potentially being pulled out of the wall or creating a tripping hazard.


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