This weekend, I have a few plans in mind that will help me relax and unwind. But, you know what? You can do it too! There are plenty of ways to relax this weekend. So go ahead and check out some of my favorite ideas:

Head to the spa

A massage, facial or other spa treatment is a great way to relax. These treatments are often expensive, but there are ways to save money. You can find coupons online or visit your local library for free trials. Spa treatments come in many different forms: massages, facials, and baths are just a few examples of how you can treat yourself this weekend!

Do a no-phone hour

No-phone hours are a great way to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with yourself.

To do a no-phone hour:

  • Set aside an hour where you don’t use any technology. This could be during your morning commute, after work on the couch or bed, or any other period that works for you. You might want to turn off all notifications on your devices as well so you don’t get distracted by texts, emails, and other notifications coming in.
  • Try meditating or doing some yoga during this period if possible – even just ten minutes can make a difference!
  • Take five minutes at the end of your no-phone hour to reflect on what you enjoyed about it and how much more relaxed and focused you felt afterward (which will make it easier next time).

Yoga Classes

Yoga like this stretch yoga Brisbane is a great way to relax and focus on your breathing. It’s also a great way to de-stress, which can improve your health greatly. Yoga can help you build strength, and flexibility and improve posture.

Go for a walk

Remind yourself that a walk can be as simple as going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Walking in nature is ideal, but if you have to go somewhere else (or can’t make it out), going for a walk with friends or family is still beneficial. If your schedule permits, take time out of your day to walk by yourself around your neighborhood or city and appreciate how fortunate we are to live in such an amazing place!

If getting outside isn’t an option on this specific weekend, consider taking a “virtual” stroll by listening to music while walking around your home.

Float Therapy

Floatation therapy, or float tanks like this float tank Perth, are enclosed tubs filled with warm water that is mixed with Epsom salt. This creates a buoyant environment in which your body floats effortlessly on top of the water as you relax and meditate.

You can find float tanks all over the world at gyms and spas. But if you don’t have one nearby and would prefer to do this at home, there are some options available (see our list below).

The benefits of floating include reduced stress levels, improved sleep quality, and an overall feeling of tranquility and clarity after floating regularly for several weeks.

Relaxation Activities

Write it out

It’s a common cliché, but writing is an effective tool for getting things off your chest and onto paper. If you want to vent about something that’s bothering you, write about it! It will help clear your mind and make room for more positivity in the future. You can also use this time to think about how far you have come in life and how much further there is left to go. Write down goals for the future or just jot down any thoughts or feelings that have been on your mind lately as they come up so they don’t stress you out any longer than necessary!

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to relax. A remedial massage can be part of an overall self-care routine, or it can be done on its own. Massage therapy can be relaxing and therapeutic at the same time—you might have someone work out all your knots and tightness, but you’ll also feel more relaxed afterward because you’ve been able to let go of some stress.

Massage therapy has many benefits for physical health as well. The practice of massaging muscles can help with pain management, blood circulation, and stress relief. Massages may also improve sleep quality by reducing anxiety and tension in people who are prone to insomnia or restless sleeping patterns

Treat yourself to a sweet treat

A sweet treat is any food that is high in sugar, fat, and/or carbohydrates. It can be a single item or a combination of foods.

The importance of treating yourself to something sweet depends on your goals and current diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, then having a sweet treat once per day may help prevent bingeing when cravings hit. If you’re already at your goal weight or just looking for an excuse to eat ice cream with reckless abandon, then go right ahead!

As far as how often it’s okay to indulge in a sweet treat goes: every day would probably be too much for most people, but once per week wouldn’t hurt anyone (unless they have diabetes).

Start a list of things you’re grateful for that you can always refer back to when you need some positivity in your life

A great way to stay positive is to make a list of things you’re grateful for. This can be something as simple as “I’m grateful that I have my health” or “I’m grateful for the people in my life.” It can also include other things that are less tangible and more abstract, like a sense of purpose or direction in your life. It’s important to remember both large and small things because no matter how bad things seem at one moment, even the smallest thing could change everything. You never know when a small act of kindness may turn into something bigger than you ever expected!

Once you’ve made this list, keep it somewhere where you’ll see it frequently—on your nightstand next to your bed; inside your desk drawer at work (or wherever); on the fridge door—and refer back to it whenever you need some positivity in your life. If nothing else, reading over these reminders will remind you just how lucky we are every day!

Play with your pet

  • Play with your pet. You don’t need to go out to enjoy this relaxing activity. If you have a cat, dog, or another animal at home (or if you can borrow one from a friend), all it takes is some time and attention for an enjoyable bonding experience that will help calm both of your nerves. Try playing fetch with your dog or giving the cat a good belly rub.
  • Do a puzzle or game. Puzzles are found in many forms these days—from crosswords and word searches to Sudoku puzzles and more—and most are designed as brain teasers that require concentration but aren’t too challenging for beginners to tackle successfully on their own time. Try playing them when you’re bored or stressed out; they’ll help pass the time while exercising your mind at the same time!
  • Read a book (or listen). Reading requires focus but isn’t as taxing as solving math problems; it’s also something everyone enjoys doing! You might want to try listening instead of reading if you find yourself struggling too much with words on paper right now; studies show that listening instead of reading improves mental health because it doesn’t require any eye movement or close visual inspection which could cause headaches over long periods due stress levels being raised due exhaustion caused by excessive work hours every day without rest breaks throughout the entire working week which makes employees tired physically exhausted emotionally drained mentally fatigued drained feeling depressed anxious upset unhappy stressed worried nervous anxious scared anxious depressed anxious sad anxious angry

Take a bath

If you like to relax in a bath, you have many different options. You can add bath bombs and oils, bubble baths, soaps, or salts. For example:

  • Bath Bombs: These are small balls that contain essential oils and fragrances. They fizz when placed in hot water and create lots of bubbles. Some people use them as part of their meditation practice or relaxation practice because the hot water feels good on sore muscles and helps them relax more easily (and according to some studies, actually reduces stress).
  • Bubble Baths: If you like to play with something during your bathtime (or if you just want a little something extra), try adding a bottle of bubbles! The fun colors will provide an extra burst of happiness during your relaxing moment in the tub! Or maybe just get some pretty bubbles instead – they’re great for kids too 🙂
  • Soaps: There are all kinds of scents available here – lavender is one common favorite but there’s also eucalyptus & mint; jasmine & sandalwood; lemon verbena…the list goes on! Whatever scent makes YOU feel relaxed will work best—there’s nothing worse than putting perfume ONTO YOUR SKIN THAT SCENTS UP THE WHOLE HOUSE TOO MUCH!!

Make pillow forts! This is not just for kids! Curl up inside, put on your favorite show or movie, and relax. Invite friends and make it into a sleepover!

Pillows are great for sleeping, but they’re also fantastic for cuddling up and watching your favorite show. Pillows are a staple of living rooms and movie theaters all over the world, so there’s no reason not to enjoy them in your own home!

  • Get some pillows and blankets. If you’re feeling ambitious, throw on some pajamas too.
  • Put on your favorite show or movie (or read a book!). Make sure it’s something that will keep you entertained without needing much input from yourself (or friends).
  • Enjoy yourself!

Cast on that project you’ve been meaning to get to forever but have been putting off because of your other projects! Take time out from the other things you need to do and focus on something that is just for fun!

Cast-on stitches are used at the beginning of a knitted piece. The cast-on stitch can be either decorative or functional, depending on what type of stitch you use. For example, if you want to make a scarf with ribbing at each end, then using a knit cast-on would be best since it will create two ridges along opposite sides of your scarf (this makes sense when we talk about how purl stitches work in our next section). If you want the entire edge of your scarf to look like stockinette stitch (which means smooth without any bumps or ridges), then using an invisible yarn over will allow this effect without having any visible bumps along the edge where rows begin and end.

Try jigsaw puzzles! They’re great mental exercises, especially if they’re challenging (and those 1,000-piece puzzles are!). Find an image you love and hang up the finished product when you’re done! A bonus? It’s the perfect relaxation activity to do with others!

Jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to pass the time, or they can be challenging enough to keep you entertained for hours. You might even find yourself having fun with someone else while working on a puzzle together! If you’re looking for something particularly challenging (and if you don’t mind putting together 1,000-piece puzzles), take a look at some of these images on Amazon:

  • [1000 Piece Puzzles](https://www.amazon.com/puzzle-jigsaw-puzzels-stitches/)
  • [900 Piece Puzzles](https://www.amazon.com/puzzle-jigsaw-puzzels-stitches/)
  • [500 Piece Puzzles](https://www.amazon.com/puzzle-jigsaw-puzzels-stitches/)

There are plenty of ways to relax this weekend!

You can relax this weekend! And if you’re not sure how here are a few ideas:

  • Do it alone – Maybe you need some time to yourself. Maybe you want to get away from work and just do something for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in work and other responsibilities, but taking time for yourself can be as simple as sitting down with a cup of tea or reading a book on the porch while listening to birds chirping around you.
  • Do it with friends – You don’t always have to be alone when relaxing! Having fun with friends is an excellent way of relaxing not only your mind but also your body. Whether it’s bowling at the local alley or going out for dinner at one of the best restaurants in town (or both), having good company makes any activity that much better!
  • Indoor activities – If it’s cold out or raining outside, there are plenty of indoor activities available too! Take advantage of being inside during these inclement conditions by doing something like watching TV shows on Hulu+, playing video games on Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, reading books from our recommended list below (or any others), watching movies on Netflix/Hulu Plus/Amazon Prime Video, etc., etc., etc…


Relaxation is important for your health, mind, and body. It allows you to take some time for yourself and enjoy life.

You just need to find something that works for you! Whether it’s taking a bath or curling up in bed with a good book, there are lots of ways to relax this weekend.

Education born and bred. I have worked as a teacher for many private language schools, as a test centre administrator, as a teacher trainer, as an educational consultant, and as a publisher. I am an advocate for literacy and a huge proponent of using technology in the classroom. I mostly write about English Language Teaching. I live in Oxford.


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