Robert Kiyosaki shared his personal opinion on the current financial downfall in the world and suggested people go with the best assets at the best bargain price.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial advisor & expert. In the financial sector, he is known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Kiyosaki is also an investor in real estate property, gold, silver & Bitcoin. He believes Bitcoin will be the most successful asset in the future but government agencies may try to kill it because of its ability & success.

On 28 Jan 2023, Kiyosaki took to Twitter to explain to his followers to explain the current Global recession and suggested that people should remain aware of this situation in advance to fight against challenges & take advantage.

Kiyosaki noted that the current global recession will surely fluctuate the assets and there we will get an opportunity to bargain the price.

The popular financial book author directly suggested people buy Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

Earlier this, on 14 Jan, Kiyosaki said that the poor, middle class should not think that the government will do for them for a better future.
He also noted that the price of precious assets like Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, and oil are increasing fastly, which is absolutely a good news for those Investors who invested in dip.

Bitcoin price action

The current price of Bitcoin is $23,156 and this price is 39% high over the last 30 days of trade price.

Robert Kiyosaki suggests buying Bitcoin amid the global recession 1

Interestingly in early 2022, Bitcoin price started to plunge badly but this year the price of Bitcoin surged rapidly, in contrast to last year.

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