High-end modern bedroom designs may sound unattainable and intimidating, but nothing is impossible once you understand the pieces needed to create this look of royalty.

The old saying ‘Fit for a King’ was invented around the 17th and 18th centuries when emperors and kings were heavy into making a royal presence. Although monarchy began much earlier in 3000 B.C., materials were limited to what area lands had to offer.


With international travel becoming more common, architects, designers, and expensive goods began to flow. The idea of having more elegant housing, delicious foods, and elaborate clothing couldn’t come fast enough for the government and elite landowners.

Locals could not help but watch as their royal leaders brought in more and more unbelievable goods. While all they could do was have dreams of such a grand lifestyle, the saying ‘Fit for a King’ became a well-known verse that referred to anything exceptional and bearing no flaws.

If you look back at portraits of royal families, there are only a few colors that symbolize their high ranking. Purple and blue stood for royalty. White indicated purity, and gold meant wealth. Start with a color scheme of past royal majors, and you will see a regal or royal vibe beginning to take shape.

There is nothing minimal about the royal bedroom ideas I will talk about. Lots of full length fabric, layered bedding, glass, vibrant shade, and metallic light fixtures are a must in achieving a royal bedroom theme. Attention to detail in wall hangings and accessories is a great way to highlight your royal room.


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Luxury bedroom with golden furniture in royal interior

Royal Bedroom Light Sources

Having a large window is always a blessing in brightening a room. Take advantage of this light source by keeping an open concept. Full-length long curtains can be hung along the surrounding sides to achieve a royal style. Select triple width to add dimension if you use drapes to darken a room.

Tapestry-inspired heavy fabric with gold fringe or a vibrant scalloped shade of royal colors will add texture and depth to your natural sunny window. Small rooms with narrow windows should only use a valance or blinds. A sweeping royal train of white sheers also makes a good bedroom fit.

Romantic royal bedroom interior. Double bed in golden luxurious home

Glass ceiling lights or shiny metal lights will take your royal bedroom design to the next level. For instance, a mini crystal chandelier that is flush mounted and dripping with sparkling acrylic crystals can add to the details of the interior of the modern classical bedroom.

Glass doors with small panes were popular in Italy and France. Referred to as French doors today, they offered a way to shed sunshine from a connected patio. French doors can also be part of your royal modern interior design.


Royal Bedroom Sets

Different types of beds can be used to form a royal design. A canopy bed with far-reaching posts or wooden beds embellished with ornate designs continually expands a luxury bedroom’s flavor. However, the bed linen and bedspreads are essential to capture the mood. This is an important thing to keep in mind.

Royal blue is one of the right colors for a high bed that needs a regal look. A bright blue velvet bed will give you a royal palace feel. Thick comforters help to raise a king-size bed in height. Top interior designers recommend a mixture of blue and gold or red and gold for color choices. The mind will see a tall and soft luxurious bed of extreme comfort. Consider using a mattress topper to add even more fluff and create a restful picture.

Little princess touching cheek while holding magic wand at home

Royal Bedroom Ideas to Please Your Princess

All little girls dream of fairy tales where princesses live in castles and bedrooms twinkle with fancy lights. It would not be feasible to try and make a large bed fit into a child’s bedroom. Look at twin to full-size beds or day beds with a trundle. These are suitable suggestions for both small and teenage girls. 

Room colors should be light and cheerful. Lavender and white with a gold accent color will deliver the right room colors for creating a positive mood. Royal bedroom stock photos can give you bedroom design ideas on adding a canopy look without using much space.

Princess in her royal bedroom, pretty young woman

A metal wall teester will amaze your guests in the elegant way that drapery panels are used to create a unique palace bedroom look. If you are unfamiliar with teeters or wall crowns, there are examples and instructions online to guide you through the right style and installation of this decorative garnish.

Use twinkling LED lights to outline windows or headboards to add to a royal bedroom look. White bedding with a touch of gold will consistently deliver a grand display. Long-hair purple pillows will highlight the room.


Transform Your Classic Bedroom

A classic design of a contemporary bedroom can be easy to transform with just a few minor changes. Traditional bedrooms are workable also. If you are starting with walls of neutral colors, decide on a color palette that screams royalty.

A rose-gold painted wall will set an aesthetic vibe for luxury designs. For a more masculine environment, oxblood burgundy makes a powerful statement. A blue bedroom interior also spells royalty when white colors are incorporated. 

Royal Bedroom in a luxurious classic style

Royal bedroom furniture can be nothing more than purchasing an updated headboard or changing the hardware on side tables. A poster bed is always welcome for adding sheers or heavy fabrics if your ceiling height allows. The color of the bed headboard is often part of the unique features that draw attention when lower ceilings are present. 

For example, a high-rising tufted velvet headboard in a bold royal color will allow you to make minimal changes to the rest of the room. Royal furniture does not have to be highly ornate or expensive. A few pieces, like a fancy nightstand by the bed or a gold metal bench at the foot of your bed, can lend a royal look. A soft fabric-covered chair in white or navy ties it up nicely.

AdvertisementsAnother way to show luxurious design is with wall sconces. These little beams of light are not only decorative but essential to certain bedroom areas. Depending on your color scheme, glass or metal works in royal decor. Black iron or gold-plated sconces will highlight a colorful bedroom with lots of texture and character. Crystal sconces will catch the light and make a prism effect. Your white royal bedroom decor will benefit from this elegant touch. 

Important Royal Bedroom Accessories

A house interior designer will tell you that accessories play a significant role in a royal-inspired bedroom suite. An antique style bedside table will always have a rightful place in traditional rooms turned royal. 

A great idea suggested by a home interior designer is to use white furniture to cast a deliberate sense of purity throughout the room. Keep this color going with a bed comforter and sheers that plummet around the floor.

The luxurious look becomes magnified when used against a dark blue or deep burgundy painted wall. Dot with overstuffed colorful throw pillows and family portraits along dressers and table tops. Antique picture frames of silver or gold will be visibly noticed, especially when the prints are done in black and white or sepia.

Large ornate mirrors encased in gold make a statement about the grandeur of the time period. Gold-plated or crystal candle holders add an expression of royalty. Use long-stemmed white or icy blue candles to reinforce the royal interior design.

Flower vases of brightly glazed color ceramic or crystal hand-blown quality are stunning additions to modern interiors used in sophisticated royal bedrooms or even in a fashionable living room. Green plants always add a little bit of natural color. From small potted flowers to larger plants that fight pollution, the appearance of live plants is known to raise your spirits.

Green plants offer a significant beauty to a room and clean the air. While this feature may not have been as crucial to palaces where open areas interacted with the outside, it can play a vital part in decorating today’s homes. 

Small decorative objects can add as much clarity as large beds and mirrors. The English are spot on for having a luscious selection of historical trinkets and boxes. Portrayals of past kings and queens, ships, and architecture are imprinted on containers that depict royal life. Many carry the royal colors that you are using in your bedroom. Hand-painted plates of a regal nature will also look sharp on your dresser or wall.

Much of the royal flair that comes to today’s interior decor starts with appreciating our ancestors’ quality and detail in their royal homes. Using plastics and other inferior products is not recommended if you wish to achieve an authentic feel for sophistication and comfort. 

There are many bargains to be found online and at second-hand stores where royal-inspired antiques are still available for your new royal decor. With the right colors and elaborate designs of the past, you will feel pampered in your high-end royal bedroom. 


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