The United States Securities body seeks to prevent third-party evidence in the Ripple vs SEC legal battle. 

Since December 2020, Ripple & US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are in a legal fight over the nature of the XRP token. Through the lawsuit, the SEC agency claimed that XRP is a security asset and should be registered with the SEC agency. Also the regulatory body raised questions on the use of XRP tokens in the payment system.

Last week, TapJets & I-Remit filed their motion to provide supportive facts in favor of Ripple company in the XRP lawsuit. Reports noted that supportive statements by the Ripple supportive companies are riched with better facts and information on the operations of the company. 

James K. Filan, a crypto attorney, informed the crypto community about the latest response of the SEC agency because of the ongoing activities by Ripple relative third party companies in support of Ripple company in the XRP lawsuit. 

Crypto attorney noted that SEC seeks to block the motions in the XRP lawsuit, which are from outsiders or third parties. 

Now Ripple criticized the response of the SEC agency and claimed that the SEC agency should not bring XRP lawsuit as a top matter in its list because the agency failed to evaluate the veracity of such claims, which are important to this case.

XRP token 

The current price of the XRP token, the native token of the XRP ledger blockchain, is $0.48 and this trade price is 2.8% down over the last 24 hours’ trade value.

SEC doesn't want third-party interference in the XRP lawsuit 1

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