Social media is a way of life for everyone as people love to share bits and pieces of their lives with friends and family wherever they are. Professional networks like LinkedIn help you showcase your skills and achievements to reach your career goals. Platforms like Twitter enable you to voice your opinions and see trending tweets in your areas of interest. Students are the savviest lot as they want to use these platforms for entertainment and professional development. If you are a student, you will probably want to have a compelling social media profile to attract followers and professional opportunities. Here are some proven hacks to enhance your social media profile.

Be discoverable

Even before working on your profile, you must ensure it is discoverable. Using the right keywords is crucial, specifically when optimizing for professional networks for LinkedIn. Specify the skills, industries, and niches you want to highlight and find opportunities. Using the right keywords ensures that the right people locate you on social media. Things are different for personal networks as you may want to keep your privacy settings on.

Pay attention to your photos

This one is a no-brainer because visuals always make a greater impact. Pay attention to the photos on your profiles, and ensure they are of optimal size and high quality. The content should be interesting enough to hold attention. With LinkedIn photos, keep them true to professional expectations. You can use DIY editing tools and background removers to enhance your social media images.

Social Media Profile

Create a compelling mix

Creating a compelling mix of social media posts is the key to keeping your profile interesting for visitors. Think of creative content for your posts and make them even more alluring with great images. Animation takes you the extra mile because it adds an entertainment factor to your profile. You need not be a pro to create animation effects for your posts. Pick a DIY tool that promises to show more about the tips and tricks of animation design. Adding videos to your posts is an excellent idea.

Stay consistent

The easiest way to win the social media games is to stay consistent with your posts. College students may find themselves falling short of time amid classes, assignments, and tests. You can create alluring posts from daily life or things you learn in the classroom to keep the handles active. Consistency makes your profile visible and keeps your followers interested in your presence.


Another simple idea to enhance your social media profiles is by using cross-promotion. Although cross-promoting seems more like a branding approach, you can do it for your personal profile too. Share your posts across multiple platforms and add links wherever possible. Be creative with sharing to maximize your following and reach across all the platforms.

College students need not struggle with time management while improving their social profiles. A creative and proactive approach is enough to enhance your presence and attract attention. Also, stay active with engagement as conversations keep the interest in the place.

Rohani is a contributor on various platforms. Her expertise in different niches and her thoughts on different topics has helped her broaden her vision to a vast level. She has always been so keen about various marketing tactics which have helped her clients to reach an immensely good level.


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