A teacher’s job is full of duties and responsibilities. Every morning the very first task that educators need to perform is taking students’ attendance, and this is checked in all the academic sessions planned for the day. Checking learners’ regularity and punctuality is very important, however, performing this task manually becomes time-consuming for the teachers.

It also affects their productivity, lesson planning, and work speed. To overcome these problems, an attendance management system is very helpful. It is a form of technology that helps to automate the attendance process. It allows teachers to track attendance in a few simple clicks. Now we will be discussing the steps to choose an appropriate attendance management system for educational institutions.

How to choose the right attendance management system

With the growing technology, there are several applications available online to track the attendance of your students. In such cases, administrators must keep a few points in mind to select the best attendance management system for their educational institution. Let us discuss how to choose the right one in detail.

1. User friendly

While selecting the right attendance management system, administrators must keep this point in mind. Choosing a system that is complex must be avoided. When the usage is difficult, not all stakeholders will be comfortable with it. Many teachers don’t have high command over technical skills and do not find solace in using such a system.  Therefore, an easy-to-use technology should be adopted for your educational institution. This makes attendance work more quickly and more manageable for educators.

2. Accuracy

In taking the attendance manually, and making attendance reports manually, teachers make several mistakes and calculative errors. This leads to time wastage and work pressure. While choosing an attendance management system should check its accuracy. The system should provide accurate attendance percentages, graphs, and reports. This helps teachers to get a clear idea of students’ regularity and punctuality to the classes.

Attendance Management System

3. Quick

Calling out the names and marking present or absent in a physical classroom becomes quite time-consuming and tiresome. This affects the lesson planning and quality of teaching too. To avoid all these issues, schools should select an attendance management system software that is quick. In just a few clicks and taps, or a  few simple steps, teachers should be able to upload their daily attendance and get free.  This makes teachers more productive and boosts their time management skills.

4. Cost-effective

We all know that to run an educational institution, a lot of investments need to be made every single day. The main purpose of adopting technology is for economical benefits. Therefore the administrators should select an attendance management software that is cost-effective. The saved money can be invested in improving the school infrastructure and other services.

5. Cloud-based

The attendance reports and student data need to be kept safe and secured digitally too. Teachers and staff must opt for attendance management software that provides cloud-based services. This makes sure that the data is protected from getting lost. Also, the reports can be accessed by the students, teachers, and parents anytime from anywhere.

Advantages  of an attendance management system

  • Automatic notifications and reminders

Every educational institution sets a particular percentage of attendance that is mandatory for all students to maintain to appear for exams and complete the course or class. An attendance management system sends automatic reminders to the parents when their ward attendance is short. Also, parents get notifications about their child’s everyday presence or absence in the school. This feature keeps parents in the loop and improves their interactions with the teachers.

As discussed above, a teacher’s job is full of duties and responsibilities. Doing all the tasks manually becomes quite time-consuming and hectic for educators. However, by using an attendance management system, teachers can complete administrative tasks quickly. This helps teachers to be more efficient and productive to a great extent.

By using an attendance management system, a lot of money and labour can be saved. All the tasks can be done on the system digitally with no need to maintain attendance registers. This reduces the stationary cost too.


For running an educational institution effectively, opting for technology is quite important. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can figure out how to select the right attendance management system the school, colleges, and universities. This benefits all the stakeholders to a great extent.

Valentina is a Primary School teacher in Miami, Florida. She is an advocate for literacy and hands-on teaching. She enjoys creating arts & crafts projects with her students, setting up theatrical plays, and utilising innovative teaching resources.


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