A survey from eToro noted that women show a significant Inclination toward the Crypto sector and also Crypto assets became the second-best choice for women to invest money.

Crypto 2022 was not good for most of the crypto assets because in that year the price of crypto assets plunged badly. In particular, we can see top crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc, which are down by 70% from their all-time high. Despite such big crashes, a report noted that people showed significant interest in this industry.

Recently a Crypto survey was conducted by the eToro platform. In the survey, 10,000 people from 13 countries participated in their Crypto-related activities in 2022.

The survey noted that Data shows that ownership of Crypto assets among people surged from 29% in the third quarter of 2022 to 34% in the last quarter. And this crypto ownership data is about the women, which are interested in cryptocurrencies.

The eToro team noted that women are very less interested in traditional assets like stock, securities & Commodities investment, but here the Crypto sector succeeded in bringing huge numbers of women into the Crypto investment activities despite multiple crashes in the last year.

Perhaps, women showed an increase in their Inclination toward the Crypto sector but the graph noted that huge numbers of men are holding Cryptocurrencies over women.

Survey notes global Crypto holders rose from 36% to 39% on a quarter-on-quarter basis 1
Retail investors who owned crypto in 2022. Source: eToro

It is interesting to note that in the last quarter, only 1% of men surged as crypto holders, which shows women are now significantly active in this sector to invest money in this alternative money market.

In the survey, 37% of participants said that they invested their funds in Crypto assets because they want to make high returns in less time. On the other hand, 34% of participants said that they invested in assets because they believe in potential of blockchain technology.

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