Reportedly the latest Sushi Head Chef was involved in many kinds of scam activities.

On 11 October, Yannick, a crypto enthusiast, took to Twitter to share the past illegal activities done by Jared Grey, a new Sushiswap Head Chef appointed by Sushiswap Community following a vote proposal.

Yannick claimed that Jared scammed some people in 2021 via his company MultiPlex PC and also in 2019 he stole 70% of the TOTAL SUPPLY of the users of ALQO.

On the same day, Sushiswap Head Chef Jared responded against the allegations and said that all the allegations are false.

On the matter of the fund-stealing scam accusation, Jared said that he caught the real culprit who was one of the business partners and also refunded all the affected users.

Another Twitter user criticized Jared for his bad leadership quality in the ALQO token project because the team didn’t manage backend funds against the unbacked tokens.

At the time of writing this article, the price of Sushi token is $1.25 and the price of this token is up by 12.45% over the last 7 days’ trade price.
Due to the bad news about the new head chef, Sushi token price plunged badly for a moment but suddenly recovered to its base price.

Sushiswap Head Chef refuses to admit any scam accusations 1

It will be interesting to see whether Sushiswap Community will force Jared to leave the project leadership or they will ask for more clarity on these allegations.

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