Mixed reactions are coming for Terra founder Do Kwon from the crypto community, for his withdrawal of the significant amount of money from the Terra ecosystem.

Do Kwon is the founder of Terraform Labs. Terraform Labs founded Terra blockchain Network. In May of this year, the Terra ecosystem collapsed with its two coins Luna & UST. Recently team relaunched Terra blockchain without UST stable coin. The new Terra blockchain is running with Luna coin without any integration of any algorithmic system but still, it is currently in a failure state because of a lack of trust among the crypto investors. 

A recent investigation confirmed that Terra founder Kwon withdrew around $80 million worth of funds from the Terra market. The whole thing took place around a month ago before the crash of the Terra ecosystem.

In response to this news, Michaël van de Poppe, crypto trader and analyst, shared his opinion and said that Terra’s founder should face prison punishment because he made money but huge numbers of investors lost all their money.

Many people supported the statement of Van de Poppe. In particular, he got support from DaisiObanla. DaisiObanla said that he will be happy to see Kwon in prison for 150 years without any relief session.

football player Nicolas Boulay also criticized the Terra founder as a responsible person behind the collapse of the ecosystem.

However the majority of the people suggested putting Terra’s founder in jail but there was President Bodhi, who supported Kwon fully. According to Bodhi, Terra founder should not be punished because the crypto market is like a casino, and no one casino owner subject to jail as punishment.

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