Thailand Futures Exchange PCL (TFEX) announces that its trading volume in 2022 remained strong with a total of 136,316,012 contracts, or 565,627 contracts per day, similar to the previous year.

Most active products were Stock Futures and SET50 Futures which accounted for 42 percent and 40 percent of total trading volume respectively, followed by gold products consisting of Gold Online Futures and Gold Futures at 9 percent, and USD Futures at 7 percent.

USD Futures increased significantly in trading volume, surging 192 percent from the previous year due to the higher volatility in exchange rate and the extended trading hours of USD Futures last year. In addition, the sharp increase in trading volume was seen in SET50 Options at 23 percent and SET50 Futures at 15 percent.

The open interest at the end of December 2022 increased 5 percent from a year earlier to 3,983,852 contracts. The number of total trading accounts rose 7 percent to 290,628 accounts.

TFEX Managing Director Rinjai Chakornpipat said that TFEX this year will implement its new trading system in the first quarter together with a revision of trading regulations to align with the current environment.

On products and services development, TFEX plans to explore on extending trading hours of Currency Futures, introduce new Currency Futures contract, and boost trading liquidity.

TFEX will also focus on expanding its investor base through online channels in terms of both collaboration with members on marketing activities and practical education via its www.TFEX.co.th and social media platform.

For more information, please visit www.TFEX.co.th or call +66 2009 9999.


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