A new “e-Extension” mechanism has been made available by the Royal Thai Police and its Immigration Bureau allowing foreigners to request extensions of their visas.

According to the Immigration Bureau, more than 200,000 people who are staying in Thailand for protracted lengths of time can look forward to enhanced comfort thanks to the “Electronics Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom” platform.

The service includes submitting all the required documents online and handling the fee payment on the thaiextension.vfsevisa.com website: however, to verify their identity and collect a visa sticker, applicants will still have to visit the IB office on Chaeng Wattana Road in person.

The police reckons that lengthy processing times are standard practice for people applying for visa extensions in the greater Bangkok area. Concerns about how time-consuming and inconvenient the application procedure was were raised by the rising number of applicants who wish to extend their stay in Thailand.

According to a NNT (National News Agency) report “The “e-Extension” service promises a time input of just 3 minutes on the part of the user. It also promises to offer immigration authorities completion and safety in the visa extension process “

The e-Extension service will initially be tested with foreigners in Bangkok who either live or work there, and should be extended to other provinces and type of visas.


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