Picking out a new school for your kids is a major task that can have long-lasting effects on both them and you as a parent. Naturally, it’s something you want to think carefully about. You’ll need to do a bit of research, visit the schools in person and look for the signs of a good school.

Paying for a great private school means that making the right decision puts even more on the line since they can be a big investment and you’ll want to make sure you’re making the best choice for your family and your finances. 

If you’re on the lookout for a great Connecticut private school or something in the surrounding areas, here are a few important things to pay attention to. 

A Hands-On Principal

The principal of a school is the biggest driving force behind how the place is run. A successful principal is likely to run a successful school, work with happy staff and help raise happy, fulfilled and well-educated kids.

In order to be successful, they need to be hands-on, in touch with both the teachers and the students, talk to the parents and generally know what’s going on in their school. If you get to talk to the principal when visiting a private school for the first time (this is a good sign), take the time to get to know them. 

A Safe and Orderly Environment

You’ll quickly be able to identify any safety issues on a school premises. A safe, well-maintained school will look like exactly that. It will be neat and orderly, have necessary security measures in place and be generally clean and tidy. 

This is likely the type of place where positive discipline is practised, and children learn to take care of their environment as well as themselves. You’ll also be able to rest at ease knowing that your kids are safe at school, from external threats but also from bullies and other social issues. 

Great Private School

Welcoming Teachers and Staff

Welcoming, friendly teachers are typically happier teachers. A happy teacher creates a happy classroom where learning is enjoyable and where children feel safe to ask questions, express themselves and grow. This is the type of environment you want your kids to grow up in. Especially for younger students, feeling safe and welcomed by their teacher is important every day of the school year. 

If the rest of the school staff is also friendly and welcoming, it’s more likely that they’re happy with their jobs and in the environment which is always a good sign for a school. 

Happy Kids

When you visit the school in person, take the time to notice more than just the building, facilities and how beautiful the campus is. Take some time to notice the students too. Do they seem happy, friendly and enthusiastic about their classes? Or do they seem tired, frustrated or even unruly and chaotic?

Student behaviour sometimes says more about the school they’re attending than the kids themselves. If you notice a negative pattern amongst the students, remember this as something to consider carefully when making your final decision. 

Education born and bred. I have worked as a teacher for many private language schools, as a test centre administrator, as a teacher trainer, as an educational consultant, and as a publisher. I am an advocate for literacy and a huge proponent of using technology in the classroom. I mostly write about English Language Teaching. I live in Oxford.


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