CryptoCurrency has taken the world by a storm but with numerous options of investments & volatility of the market, it can be intimidating for independent investors. The goal here at Cro Capital is to provide the right kind of investment opportunity and safeguard individuals from market fluctuations.

Cro Capita accommodates various mining abilities to ensure you reap the benefits of pool mining. Alternatively, if you are a solo miner, Cro Capita will provide all the required support required for a successful mining ability.

Founder – Debra Stock:

As a founder and the soul behind the birth of Cro Capita, Debra Stocks drives the vision of Cro Capita monitoring the overall services and function of the company.  She is the soul behind the success of all of the company’s endeavors

Co-Founder – Chester Jones

As a young and passionate entrepreneur, Chester closely monitors all of Cro Capita’s mining farms. Chester Jones holds the passion and aggression that makes our miners give in to their best ability.

Financial Head – Wendy Watson

With a sharp eye and understanding of numbers, Wendy Watson takes hold of the financial and investment opportunities provided by Cro Capita. Wendy Watson’s philosophy of financial growth is the more your customers benefit the better is for the growth of the company.

Marketing Head – Alfred Taylor

Mr. Taylor’s main role is to keep up with the company’s brand image online and offline. His team and he aims to make Cro Capita’s name reach out a maximum number of people globally.

Cro Capita found a blend between finance and technology making a perfect hybrid offering the best of mining abilities. The company and its continued determination towards advancement are what makes it investment-worthy and has proved that it’s for the long haul.

The team believes in achieving great success and providing value with an impressive track record with a clear objective to be the shield of success for Cro Capita and its Investors.



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