What defines the perfect joint?

Everyone has their own definition, but in my opinion; the perfect joint is creative, it smokes to perfection, it’s rolled with bomb buds and tasty papers. The joint burns evenly, slowly, tastes delicious, flakes white, and well you reach the moon half way through. Although the perfect joint might be a subjective topic, one thing isn’t. The fact that the joints below are rolled by absolute artists, they all smoke, use herbs fit for gods, and they’re absolutely one of a kind, topping the list for the worlds most creative smokable artists and cannabis rollers.

Today we start our journey to find the most creative joint rollers, blunt rollers and cannagar rollers across the world. Each and every artist with their own approach to the design and creation of these beasts. Join us as we feature the first 6 smokeable artists Extract deems the most creative joint rollers in the world.

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Perfectly realistic joints & blunts

Custom joints, cannagars & filter art

Badass custom joints, blunts & cannagars

Perfectly creative joints & blunts

Mind blowing professional joints & smokeable art

Custom joints & cannagar creations





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