While the American kitchen is all about tech innovation, up-to-date appliances, and jaw-dropping first impressions, the English kitchen goes back to basics. The kitchen reminds you of simpler times when manual labor to complete tasks is a labor of love. Therefore, the English kitchen design embraces and mimics that rather than the automatic, press-of-a-button lifestyle.


This article mentions the mandatory items needed to recreate an English style kitchen in your own home. English kitchen styles are modern, bespoke, country, classic, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and shaker. While we only focus on select British styles, all produce beautiful kitchens.


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Bespoke English Kitchens

A custom kitchen like bespoke is beloved in large and small kitchens. You can focus on one British style or blend several types to make your dream kitchen a reality. Kitchen designers will help you leave your mark on custom cabinetry, custom finishes, hardware, countertop slabs, kitchen ranges, and flooring using the best materials on the market.

It is the most expensive kitchen style on the list, but it is worth it for unusually shaped kitchen layouts or unavoidable imperfections. Standard and country homes alike will appreciate a bespoke custom-made kitchen. Bespoke also works in the home office, laundry room, bathroom, dressing room, living room, and pantry storage.

Katie Fontana and Tony Niblock currently run Plain English, a company specializing in Georgian and bespoke design; design director Merlin Wright and a local joiner assist customers. Their British style became so popular in the UK that many designers coin phrases like “plain English design” and “plain English kitchen” as if the company is a kitchen design type. Along with three cities in England, they expanded showrooms to Los Angeles and New York City.

Classic English Kitchen Design

Unlike the Plain English cabinetry, the people working at Martin Moore ooze luxury and classic appeal from classic Georgian style, modern, and Victorian kitchens. The customized classic kitchen rivals American luxury kitchens, and this company is one of the best. The important thing is that interior designers and kitchen joinery experts are outstanding guides in making your British kitchen luxurious. They will respect your needs and requirements and make it a top priority if they are fantastic.


Not all classic kitchens are luxurious. The company deVOL creates classic casual kitchens when it mixes with country or farmhouse decor. Rita Konig is another interior designer to contact for classic and traditional British kitchen style.

Luxury or casual, the kitchen does not stray too far from the classy, sophisticated norm. There may be a splash of color, but most kitchens focus on a neutral color palette, open shelves, cast iron ranges, clean lines, original designs, and the customer’s ideas. We can incorporate those shades into a sophisticated finish if you want different or bright colors.

Georgian Traditional English Kitchen Design

The Georgian style used to be about classical orders of architecture. It was about the symmetrical appearance of kitchens, and the joiners of the 18th century capitalized on that. Today’s traditional turned contemporary kitchen is about substance over style, and the old Georgian way is an outdated way of thinking.

Translation: if the kitchen cannot complete cooking, storing, or cleaning tasks in an orderly fashion, the style is a hindrance. Today’s Georgian British kitchen maintains the style of yesteryear.


The traditional look is like the kitchen on the hit PBS show Downton Abbey. It comprises styles from the Georgian period, where kitchens were only the center of attention if they looked beautiful, and it’s often not. Since then, the kitchen has moved away from those traditional designs and advanced into today’s contemporary designs.

This kitchen represents a modern work surface and comprises high quality materials such as quartz, marble, and natural stone mixed with essential features like storage space, cabinetry, appliances, and a sink. British standard cupboards, base cabinets, and the kitchen island in new traditional kitchens embrace a furniture-like approach. Open shelving harmonizes with closed cabinet doors, upper and lower cabinets, and a beautiful stand-alone cupboard.

Contemporary style and traditional techniques merge to become the quintessential British kitchen. Also known as the Georgian kitchen, the classic Georgian style is a working kitchen with a simple design and subtle details. Complete the design with a traditional British stove with a mantle, a plate rack, and cold larders.

Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design

Modern British kitchens bring a modern take on contemporary and traditional methods. The British and American modern styles are not that far off as both want to add modern updates to retro kitchen decor. All-white kitchens adopting a minimalist style would be a modern approach.

AdvertisementsThis new kitchen style has sleek cabinetry with hardware color blending into the cabinet fronts. There is an island with bar stools, up-to-date kitchen appliances, and open storage. If antiques and classic designs with architectural features are part of the kitchen, it brings timeless appeal and charm.

While modern minimalist kitchens use a single color for cabinets, walls, and islands, you can add two, three, or four colors in a color scheme. A pop of color can add fun and whimsy to a monochrome kitchen. One great idea would use color as a focal point to display pieces of art, cabinetry, flooring, and furniture.


Country Kitchen Design

The latest trend in modern British kitchens is the country or farmhouse kitchen. Should you give this style a whirl, you can escape to the countryside without uprooting your family. English country kitchens have a different rustic twist to country life than the American version.

Besides the larders, storage, cabinetry, an island, cast-iron cooker, and open shelf rows, the country farmhouse kitchen includes a worktable on the side of the kitchen island. You may not have enough space for a worktable, so you may need to merge an island and worktable through DIY or the bespoke route. The country style has handmade dishes and tile, hanging cookware, sculleries with an under cabinet sink, and exposed wood beams.

Speaking of wood, most of the cabinetry, storage, seating, countertop, and island material should be wood material. It channels the outdoors and brings that vibe to the kitchen indoors. Storage ideas like a plate rack, wine rack, and stove mantle might be welcome in a farmhouse, but you should consult an expert to incorporate those ideas inside a country theme.

The country style embraces gold, silver, and bronze metals alongside a white-colored color base and earth tone accent colors. Those colors keep the theme going of bringing the outdoors indoors. Plants in the kitchen and floral decor are two more options to try.

Chandeliers may seem out of place with farmhouse kitchens in some American styles, but the British enjoy the classy contrast to the country theme. The light you invite indoors with open windows reflects beautifully. It stands out even more against the slim profile pendant lights and table lights in the kitchen.

Shaker Kitchen Design

A transitional style merging contemporary, traditional, and modern, the shaker kitchen is timeless in English kitchens. The kitchen oozes symmetry and balance; it stays in vogue no matter how trends shift. It is minimalistic and immaculate without the perfect polished shine and luxurious without charming detail.

All shaker kitchens use clean lines in cabinet doors, open shelves, islands, freestanding storage, and dining tables. Like the traditional style, a shaker kitchen is simplistic with few showy details. Vertical shiplap panels, raised center panels, a recessed center panel, and simplistic hardware support the theme.

The clean lines go down to the accessories, cookware, dinnerware, silverware, flooring, and pendant lighting. New and retro appliances are excellent alongside shaker kitchens.

Like the rest of the kitchen design styles, the shaker kitchen focuses more on function and less on appearance. Default colors are white, blue, gray, black, or a mix of two, three, or all four. Now any color can work in a shaker kitchen as long as the shade isn’t overpowering.

Because shaker kitchens don’t have too much restriction, you can go the bespoke route and customize the look to your liking. A designer will go over each detail to create the shaker kitchen you want so you can enjoy the results for many years.


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