Everybody thinks TikTok is not a recommended app for students and believes it will create a distraction. Instead, it can be a valuable tool for teachers and students to learn new topics. Even the in-depth concepts can be understood simply by using TikTok and its features. TikTok is a music video app that is free to use for everybody. You can take advantage of this app if you are an online teaching staff. TikTok allows you to create a teacher account, where you can entertain and connect with the students outside the classroom. It’s a great way to build a better relationship with your students. If you want to make yourself famous on TikTok, you may buy tiktok shares and gain an instant presence.

Using TikTok As A Classroom

Teachers shall use TikTok to assign digital assignments. It is much helpful for home-based or remote learners. As it is a new way of learning, staffs need to experiment more to get the best videos. Even you may be confused with the ideas on TikTok teaching. It would be best to search the app to get more views. Staff can use TikTok Live to have peer-to-peer teaching with the students. Even in Live, teachers may conduct a minor assignment or test in TikTok. Teachers should keep an eye on students’ performance to check whether they are focussed on the task. After TikTok was used as a classroom, it became easy to engage students highly.

4 Best Tips To Use TikTok In Teaching Lessons

1. Build A Community In TikTok

Make your whole class students follow your TikTok account. By creating a school-wide group, you can encourage students to learn more beyond classrooms. Although it is not compulsory to make them learn subjects alone on TikTok, even teachers can help students to learn life skills. For example, you can conduct art&craft, music, dance, new language classes, etc., on TikTok. TikTok always gives space to improve the children’s talents.


2. Give Students A Final Project

After teaching lessons on TikTok, you may assign some final projects to them. It will help you ensure they are more attentive and interested in learning. It will also help staff to improvise on themselves in the upcoming videos. For example, you can divide students into groups and make them take on movie-type roles like direction, acting, script-writing, and songs. Then, tell them to make a movie on TikTok. So, in the end, you might get a beautiful result. You can also check the finalproject to see what other staff has done on TikTok videos.

3. Explain Lessons Using TikTok

In an online class, there are many chances students may get distractions. Moreover, teachers may be unable to check their activities on the internet. So, to make them more interactive in the classroom, you may upload more visual and graphic videos on TikTok. So it would be more explainable, and on the other hand, it is pretty attractive so that students will be attentive in the class.

You can also make them compare and contrast the learning of the topics. At the same time, raise questions to the students between the videos so they may be alert to learning the concept. It has a different scenario from regular classes. So, if you want to sustain your account on the platform, try using Trollishly and enhance your visibility.

4. Make A Summary Using TikTok Lessons

It is always essential, to sum up, your topics. Summarizing a lesson will provide you with a great ideology about the topic. Summarization will always give a complete understanding of topics and how they go through like a flowchart. You may give up the sub-points. In the comments sections, students can clarify their questions, doubts, etc., Even you may give an assignment to a student to create a TikTok video with the class summary.

TikTok Lesson Ideas

Most of them are making videos on English learning. As you know, many people are confused by grammatical errors. So, you make videos on how to avoid some grammatical mistakes, American English vs. British English, and pronunciation videos on TikTok, etc. In addition, teachers can enable duet function for practicing conversations.

Wrapping Up

Trial and error will make you improve further. So, teachers, don’t lose hope, try starting with the standard equipment you have in your home, and then you can expand it later. If you want to gain more followers to your account, try using Trollishly and get unique perks. Now, leave your comments below!

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