Justin Sun revealed that soon TRX coin will be a legal payment option in a new country.

TRX is a native coin on the Tron blockchain. Tron is a Proof-of-stake (PoS) model-based blockchain network, known for high-speed transactions at low cost. Justin Sun is the core founder of Tron blockchain and he stepped down from the Tron project in late 2021 to become a diplomat in Grenada, which was also a part of his dream.

On 28 Jan 2023, Tron founder Justin Sun took to Twitter to inform the Trom community that TRX will get full regulatory approval in a new country, where people will be able to use TRX coin transactions in the form of payment.

Alternatively, TRX will be legal tender in a new country, where people will be able to purchase goods & services via TRX coin payment easily. 

However, here it is confirmed that TRX will secure regulatory approval as a “payment currency” but here “country name” information is still under the private domain.

Tron’s founder noted that such achievements for TRX coin will help it to grab high-level adoption. 

“One of the major advantages of making TRX legal tender is that it will increase its legitimacy and usage. When a government recognizes a digital currency as legal tender, it gives a sense of trust and security to the general public, making it more likely to invest and use it,” Justin said.

Earlier this, the TronDao team established a collaboration with Dominica to develop a new national digital currency for Dominica, or say Dominic coin.

To work on “Dominica coin”, Huobi Global crypto exchange also jumped to support the TronDao team. And most importantly, TronDao grabbed a very big success in Dominica because Dominica released regulatory approval the for TRX coin to use as a payment currency.

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