Volvo is getting ready to unveil its new electric flagship SUV, the EX90 this month. To prepare us for the debut of the 2023 Volvo EX90 on November 9, Volvo has released a batch of new teaser photos that give us an early look at some of its design details.

2023 Volvo EX90 Teaser

The EX90 will be built on a new platform, that will be shared with the recently unveiled Polestar 3. It’s also expected that it will borrow many of its design details from the Volvo Concept Recharge. We can see that its design doesn’t stray too far from the Volvo C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge models.

On top of the roof there is one new element that’s new for Volvo, a lidar sensor that will be standard across the lineup. By placing the sensor on the roof, Volvo says that it can detect pedestrians up to 820 feet away. The EX90 will be equipped with the necessary hardware to provide autonomous driving in the future, but Volvo hasn’t announced when the self-driving capability will be activated. Volvo is also working on a new feature called Ride Pilot, which enables hands-free driving on the highway. California will be the first market to get the Ride Pilot system.

2023 Volvo EX90 Teaser


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