Aviation training is an essential skill for professionals like pilots and other aviation staff who ensure the safe and effective operation of an aircraft, whether commercial or private. While this training has historically been conducted at physical training centers or flight schools, the digital revolution has made it possible for these training courses to be conducted online. Aviation professionals can now train at their pace and choose from a wide range of courses available on the internet according to their flying needs. The information contained in this article will take a closer look at the types of aircraft training courses from CPaT Global that are available online.

Types of Online Aviation Training

Some of the most popular types of online aviation training courses include the following:

Pilot Training

As the name suggests, these courses are designed for aviation professionals who seek training to become skilled pilots. Aspiring aviation professionals are trained in multiple fields, including aircraft systems, aviation regulations, navigation, meteorology, and more. These are great starters for understanding the basics of online aviation training. Pilot training courses are structured to provide a decent mix of theoretical and simulated practical knowledge and cover a wide range of aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker, Mcdonnell Douglas, and more. It’s great to have as much information as you can to understand the basics of aviation.

Flight Instructor Training

Flight instructors are pilots who teach other professionals to become pilots and how to fly safely through the efficient operation of aircraft. This training includes multiple educational domains. These domains include instructional design, teaching methodology, aviation regulations, and more. These courses are a mix of theory, simulations, and digital supplemental materials that most closely resemble hands-on training. When it comes to training it’s important to be as well-rounded as you can. Being able to have a good mix of these courses will be beneficial in the long run.

Aircraft Training

Safety Training

Aircraft safety training is a core component of any aviation training course and covers a wide range of topics. These topics include emergency procedures, risk management, crisis management, accident investigation, and more. It’s important to be well-rounded in these topics as it can make or break who can be a pilot. These safety training courses are available online for various professionals, including pilots, flight staff, mechanics, and more, to ensure that the entire flight staff is trained according to the latest best aviation practices and safety regulations.

Maintenance Training

Aircraft maintenance is crucial for technical and mechanical experts who keep aircraft running in top form. A typical maintenance training course includes topics like safety regulations, maintenance procedures, aircraft systems, and more. Like all other courses, maintenance training courses are designed to provide a decent mix of theoretical and practical knowledge in keeping with the latest aviation guidelines. Pilots need to understand the basic maintenance and what is going on while controlling the aircraft. These courses are readily available to give said knowledge to those who want to learn.

Dispatch Training

Dispatch training is important for professionals who coordinate the details of an aircraft’s in-flight operations. These types of pieces of training cover a wide range of topics like flight planning, weather analysis, aircraft performance analysis, and more. These courses comply with the dispatch training guidelines issued by most aviation authorities around the globe. Pilots are required to have this knowledge especially if they want to fly an aircraft with ease.


Online aviation training is a relatively new development in the world of aircraft courses, equipping professionals with the essential flight and safety skills required to operate aircraft. If you are a professional looking for aviation training, you can access a wide range of aircraft training courses available online to fit your needs. Online training offers a mix of simulation and theoretical knowledge and allows aspiring aviation professionals to meet their goals at their pace. It is also readily accessible to those who may not have the wherewithal to find these courses in person. These courses can find a wide range of people who are ready to put in the work.

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