Singapore hosts some of the top-ranking universities and is popular among international candidates for offering a global outlook when it comes to helping students learn.

The Lion City offers a student-friendly environment and a diversity of undergraduate programmes for students to become well-rounded candidates for any industry of their choice.

Besides having a thriving professional life, studying in Singapore will also allow you to cherish the affordable costs of living and settle in a country that has geographical proximity to some of the best travel destinations in the world.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the degree courses in Singapore that you should apply for, and establish a solid career path and a lucrative lifestyle.

What is the typical duration of degree programmes taught in Singapore?

Whether you are but doing a university degree or a postgraduate diploma, Singapore can help you become a prominent member of the international business sector and contribute to the global economy.

The best part?

The medium of teaching in Singapore is English across the country, making it suitable for students across the world soon participate in the training curriculum and real-time projects that the universities in this country have in store for you.

Singapore as a nation is home to four official languages, Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay and family, and is composed of more than 60 islands, which makes studying in Singapore much more enticing than any other destination in the world!

Your undergraduate study may take one to two years for part-time courses and up to three years for full-time candidates, and can lead to suitable campus placements right after you have completed your final semester examinations.


What are some of the popular courses that you can learn in Singapore?

  • Art and design
  • International business
  • Macro and applied economics
  • Technology and engineering
  • Management planning and control systems
  • Public administration
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Information and communications technology

Also referred to as the four Asian tigers, Singapore is recognised as a remarkable country that is slowly becoming one of the premium economies in the world.

The rapid economic growth and thriving living environment that Singapore hosts make it a great place for students to enjoy high standards of living and get in tune with city life.

Furthermore, studying a graduate programme at a Singaporean university will allow you to learn about the different cultures of people who have crossed several continents to study and work here.

Study abroad programmes in Singapore are well-curated to help you make a mark in your preferred industrial sector and let your career shine right.

Check out the real student reviews and a comprehensive guide to individual degree programmes on our website today, which makes it easy to navigate the challenges associated with finding the perfect programme for your career goals.

Reach out to us to find more information associated with the study abroad experience in Singapore and build connections of a lifetime!

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