Early childhood education is the system which has been vastly implemented in developed countries. It faces criticism from some factions of population who consider it to be harsh on such young kids to start schooling so early. The counter argument to this is that times have changed considerably and it is the need of time to let our kids join the flow of life activities from as early as possible. Nini’s Tutor academy provides home tutor in Karachi from early year to higher level classes.

Local vs International Preschools


International preschools modify the teaching program to mold it according to the local culture, values, and language. This execution is in a way that does not reduce the effectiveness of teaching nor does it cause a major cultural rift among the local children. Despite the adaptation, there is a visible difference in the educational base of the students of the two systems. It is notable that the local pre-schools are also striving to up their game plan by making adoptions from the foreign curriculum.


Local pre-schools are famous for hiring staff unqualified for handling toddlers. The misconception here is the mindset of people believing in if a person is capable of teaching primary classes it automatically qualifies them for teaching pre-schoolers as well. On the other hand, international pre-schools are strict in this regard and only hire staff trained for directing young kids specifically.


This is the obvious difference between the two systems. Local pre-schools are very flexible when it comes to linguistic interaction between teacher and toddler, which is the opposite of what takes place in the international franchise. The grass root level of a child’s speaking prowess is laid here when they have and introduction to their 2nd language.

Local vs International Preschools


International pre-school makes the curriculum in a way that toddlers get an introduced to the idea of numbers, alphabets, interact with other kids, and have a better development in communication skills. Majority of local pre-schools act as a day care centre where kids are kept busy in toys, music and cartoons while the parents are under the misconception of their child learning from the early age. Nini’s tutors have a carefully vetted database of home tutor in Lahore for primary and higher classes.

Identifying disorder in learning ability

As opposed to the international education system, there is no teacher training program that enables the teacher to recognize the signs of learning disability in children at a young age. The foreign curriculum has its basis on teaching students according to their capability in the appropriate environment, There is literally no concept of psychologists and counselors in the local system.

Formal structure

There is no license required before opening a pre-school or daycare center which has enabled virtually anyone who has extra space or can rent a portion of space to open a pre-school, hire either graduate or undergraduate people at an obnoxiously low salary, and open their doors for parents to entrust their toddlers to them. This lack of accountability and absence of checks from a higher authority has commercialized the education program to the extent that our kids are no match when it comes to the kids of international pre-schools.

Local vs International Preschools


International pre-schools are mostly located in posh areas where parents feel obliged to pay huge fees because we as a nation are brand-conscious people. On the other hand, local pre-schools can be found in every locality of the urban areas which makes it easier for the parents to provide pick and drop to their kids (allowing the demand for these low-standard pre-schools to grow).

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