April 2023



Mazda is currently working on electrifying its lineup, which started with the MX-30 electric crossover and next up is the CX-90 plug-in hybrid. Mazda is also working on a new electric platform that will arrive in 2025, but what does the future hold for the MX-5 Miata?

In an interview with Autocar, Mazda’s CEO in Europe, Martijn ten Brink revealed that Mazda has no plans to discontinue the MX-5, even as it switches to an electrified lineup. When asked what Mazda has planned for the next-generation MX-5 he stated, “That’s not been decided. But I think for Mazda it would be fair to say that the MX-5 will never die.”

“I think it will continue to exist forever and it will have to go with the times. That’s a super challenge, and people are passionate about this car in Mazda.”

Mazda has already confirmed that all of its vehicles will be electrified by 2030, but what we don’t know is if the next MX-5 will be a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.


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happy and healthy kid

Giving your kids cheerful, sound childhoods could set them up for accomplishment throughout everyday life. But, numerous guardians wonder, how precisely do you bring up happy kids in this day and age? Bringing up glad kids isn’t tied in with giving them transient delight or prompt satisfaction. Truth be told, it’s opposite of this. Happy kids have a range of abilities that enables them to appreciate long haul joy throughout everyday life. They’re ready to leave behind moment delight with an end goal to arrive at their objectives.

If you are looking for answers to how to raise a happy and healthy baby, read on.

You can enable your kids to build up those abilities by receiving solid, deep-rooted habits. Raising a happy kid is not rocket science. It does not need any new ethics to be learned or lessons to be remembered. Any parent can raise a healthy and happy child. The only condition is that you take care of him or her properly. When you take note of hygiene, take precautions around the child, maintain his healthy habits, don’t ignore his health and take action whenever required, the baby can be raised in a better manner. Besides, here are a few points that will help you with the process:

Treat them as adults

Treat them as adults

Gone are the times when parents used to stick around kids spoon-feeding them all the time and looking for them by staying overhead. Nowadays, over parenting is the recipe for disaster when it comes to raising a healthy and happy kid. Treating kids as adults usually does wonders in keeping them happy. Here, many things need to be balanced and should not be overdone. For instance, you should not force your child when he or she is of genuine age. This will suffocate the kid and he or she would try to get relieved from the parenting pressure whenever required.

There is a trend nowadays among parents to keep their children close to them all the time.

Be it because of child crimes or from the sense of insecurity, parents usually keep their children in front of them. This should be avoided. While it is always preferable to keep a note of your child, you should not make him feel as if he is nothing without you. Your baby might obey you when you are around to guide him every time. But as you lose control, he will feel free and might do things that are not natural. This means that when you tie strings, there will be consequences if your child breaks them. There should be some strict guidelines not to over parent your child. Here are some of them:

  • Strict to a schedule for the day but don’t force it too much towards your child. It’s ok if, for a day or two, rules are broken. For instance, if your baby doesn’t wake up or sleep on time, don’t make it a point to punish him
  • Refrain from scolding or shouting on your kid no matter what. You have to realize the fact that your child is in growing age and any rude behavior can pose a negative impact on him. So, if he makes a mistake never get angry. You should make him understand things in a polite way.

You should give choices to your kid but refrain from offering too many options. For instance, you can provide him with two or three dietary choices with nutritious options. This will help him judge between those and he won’t go confused. If you give him too many choices, he might start looking for more options and will never be satisfied. It is a high chance that he will go towards bad choices too. So beware of this.

You should be kind to your kid. Making a parent takes more than just loving your kid. You need to know when to be strict but not to be a limit and otherwise remain kind to him. Make him assure you about his wishes. Give him the inspiration and always wish well with him. You should always surround him with positivity while keeping him away from negative aspects of life.

Make your child learn the ethics of life. This includes being honest, selfless, motivated, and so on. You should also tell him things to stay away from like lying, stealing, fighting, etc. With time, your child will know what is right and wrong in life and what the consequences of wrong actions are. Till then, you need to support him and help shape his future as he is solely dependent on his parents for teaching and guidance.

Let your child see the world

child see the world

Many parents remain overprotected about their children and refrain from going outside. Often at times, we think that the outer environment and adverse climatic condition can have a bad impact on your child. This is not a sign of wiser thinking. Your child has to ultimately go outside and see the world with his own eyes. So it’s better to make him see it through your guidance. An outing session each day is always preferable. Your child will be happier to see nature outside and how things work. Event toddles enjoy the outer atmosphere.

Here, you need to take care that you should always be around your child.

Staying out does not mean that you leave your child in the unknown grounds. You should accompany him and let him examine the world around you. The outing also helps as babies need a change in scenery too. Instead of watching the concrete walls and corners of your home, he will delight his eyes with trees, plants, roads, and new faces. Taking a stroll in the park and letting him have his time is not a bad idea. Also, it is always good to allow the sun to allow your baby bath in the sun for a few minutes which is a good source of vitamin D

and is good for baby bones.

Getting out is beneficial not just for kids but parents as well. Your mood becomes good when you travel outside and you get a break from the daily routine, be it work or household needs. Parents can even join groups where every parent share their experience and bring their babies to the gathering. This elevates mood and brings in a new sense of socialism not just for elders but babies as well.

Keep  a track on healthy

Raising a happy baby is somewhat related to raising a healthy baby. When your baby is good at health, he won’t be sad or in distress. This means that as a parent, you should always keep track of baby’s health including.

Here are a few points to follow:

  • Always keep a schedule note or a diary of the medication and vaccination of the baby. These are done on a regular basis and you should make it a point to organize a list so that no single vaccination gets skipped.
  • Always keep track of all doctor visits and vaccination provided by the government. You can mention the date in a paper calendar or on mobile. If possible, put remarks on the dates as well.
  • Keep all prescriptions, medical receipts, medical bills and medicines safe and secure manner. This can help in case of any health emergency. The documents also help analyze the medical history of the baby
  • Check for any problems in the baby’s behavior on a daily basis. Check if he is acting differently while eating, drooling more, is in discomfort or crying without any reason. These can be signs of illness.

Various problems might occur without your baby showing signs of distress. You should check it and make sure that the doctor examines the baby internally and physically during the visit.

Check the body physically by analyzing any difference in his body daily. This can be done when you bath your baby. Check for any signs of rashes, itching, marks or patches. This can lead to severe skin infections if gone unnoticed.

Always keep a strict schedule of medicines. Babies are prescribed with certain healthy boosting medicines like multivitamins or calcium from start. These should not be skipped or missed. Make sure that giving medicines is an important step in your baby’s daily schedule.

If anything occurs, such as a baby crying for long hours, or you see any major syndromes such as vomiting or intense diarrhea, never delay visiting a licensed pediatrician.

Give your baby attention

Lastly, it is important to give your baby time on a daily basis. This is one of the most important aspects if you are looking for reasons for how to raise a happy and healthy baby. If you think of it, you are the world of your baby. He looks up to you and smiles. You are everything for him. And if you don’t give him time, he will not be that much delighted.

Even if you are busy, make sure that you take out time for him. The quality time should include making the baby laugh, playing with him, feeding him or as simple as changing clothes. You can take out time and even skip some non-important works like using social media or watching television. When you are with your baby, he feels secure and he will be happy, leading to a healthy metabolism from start.

Being present around your baby will allow him to make eye contact with the person he loves most in this world.

You might then get a good idea of how to raise a happy and healthy baby. Various smiles and loving gestures further make him feel that he is loved and not alone in the world. You can play one to one with your little angel before leaving for work and after arriving from work. When doing essentials such as changing diapers or clothes, talk or sing to him. Make him feel that he is getting attention as she gets more attracted to you. When doing this, remove distractions such as mobile from your vicinity. Always talk to your baby as if he is listening to you.

Within no month, he will start responding and might even make sounds to reply back.

In the end, make sure that spending time doesn’t mean that you force the baby to be with you. He will need proper rest and downtime to get energetic again. You should not go playing for long sessions without a break or without feeding. Things should be done in a delicate manner and the comfort of your baby should always be prioritized. If he starts yawning or crying, it is time for a quick nap.


Rising a baby is a responsibility that only parents can take. This is very natural as parents are the reason why the baby has arrived in this world. Without them, he is helpless. Hence, you should always ensure that raising a happy and healthy baby should be on the priority list. This should include various precautions, extra efforts, time allotment and attention towards the growing soul.


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