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New baby

Its so amazing how much love a baby can bring to anybody’s life. It’s like a special little miracle from god. We know God’s beautiful thoughts get bloom into a child. People start loving at one glance. A baby’s first step takes place in everyone’s heart. Sometimes little things like getting ready for a baby’s arrival to bring the biggest happiness in people’s life. However, here we are talking about the baby’s arrival that brings the biggest happiness in everyone’s life. That’s how becoming a parent makes you feel like you have moved to heaven. Your days and night move upside down when you start handling new things for that tiny little angel whose language you don’t understand. What will happen when suddenly a tiny little new member pops up into your family.

So getting ready for the arrival of the new member in your family must be a tough job but bring confidence and joy.

In many cultures, there are rituals and ceremonies to welcome the unborn baby which brings blessings and happiness. One of them is Baby shower a traditional ceremony which is celebrated all around the world in different ways with different names. Every country has its own traditions and culture. Some countries like India, the USA, France, etc celebrate before the arrival of the baby, but countries like Japan, Korea, China, etc. celebrate after the baby is born. They are not celebrated in the same way around the world right from the child is unborn to when he/she is born to their naming ceremony. It’s a celebration for the unborn or expected child which transforms a woman into a mother.


Parents need to be prepared for the arrival of an unborn baby. Labour could start at any time so it is better to be prepared by the time when it is about 36 weeks passed. You have to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Financially when u have conceived. You have to pack all the necessary things that are going to be useful during labor and after birth. You have to be mentally prepared, many women get fear of the procedure and pain during delivery. Getting the right diet and lifestyle maintain physical and mental health which is, in turn, helpful during labor. So, getting ready for the arrival of baby needs planning before birth.

Here are some tips and plans on how to get ready for the baby’s arrival.

Financial preparation

Financial preparation

Parents must financially be prepared when they are planning to become parents. You need to plan and write down a budget every month. Savings for future parenting is a must because you will be going to deal with new expenses every month, so start saving. Experienced parents can help you out with this problem especially your family members and friends. If you are a job going person then you have to plan for leave from your job. You have to understand your company policies for paternity or maternity leave. This is how you know will going to affect your bottom line budget.

Those who are financially weak can get medical and financial incentives through government schemes for pregnant women.

The government has implemented such schemes in every country. After the enrollment women can avail of the benefits provided by the government during and after pregnancy. Some of the services you are being provided under such schemes are:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Immunization
  • Routine Healthcare checkup
  • Nutrition and Health Education
  • Financial help
  • Pre-school Education

Healthy routine and checkups

Healthy routine and checkups

Healthy routine and checkups become important for getting ready for baby’s arrival when your pregnancy test is positive. It includes your diet, routine checkups, birth classes, rest period. Below are some tips that you must follow after you know you are pregnant.

  • Start taking vitamins like folic acid, iron, and calcium.
  • Include protein-rich foods like dairy products like milk, egg, yogurt. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, dark-colored fruits and vegetables as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • Try to stay happy mentally and emotionally. Read lots of books, listen to music, watch your favorite movie, spend some good time with your partner, family members, and friends. During pregnancysome women are affected with mood swings, depression, feeling of loneliness, hopeless these are all due to hormonal shifts during pregnancy. Some women’s condition becomes more vulnerable which includes nausea, weight gain, psychological changes, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, anxiety, low energy.
Choose a good gynae who keep track of your routine, diet and all medical checkups right from when you are pregnant to childbirth. Follow up regularly.
  • A routine follows up includes blood tests, ultrasound, BP, Diabetes check. It will help you to detect your and baby health. Baby’s heartbeat, development phases. During pregnancy after 10 weeks, you will have an ultrasound to check the baby’s heartbeat, it will help you to know the due date of delivery. Till 28 weeks you have to go in every four weeks for ultrasound, then every three weeks till 36 weeks. After that every week you will have to go for an ultrasound.
  • Bacteria is harmful to you but it can be lethal if it is passed to your baby. Your doctor will take a culture from your external vaginal till 35 weeks if bacteria is a present doctor will give you proper medication to avoid transmission to your baby.
  • It is important to know that a fetus or unborn baby is made up of fibrous tissue and muscle which in turn is made up of protein. So include lots of protein-rich food in your diet.

Birth plan

If it’s your first time write down some notes so that you can plan what kind of birth you need whether a flexible normal or cesarean. Your plan must be flexible, so on the day, your preferences will going to change or not depend on the circumstances. This birth plan notes will be a useful guide for your mid-wife, your partner or any person or team caring for you. Make sure that you and your partner must be in proper sync with each other. Don’t try to assume that your partner will be going to understand everything that his role will be going to be before, during and after the birth.

You must plan together for everything right from financial to paternity leave and responsibilities.

Get tips from experienced parents or mothers. Your family members and friends can be more helpful for such tips. There are many baby center communities where you can learn from others’ experiences. Where you can learn preparation before baby’s arrival, after birth care and useful tips. There you can ask your silly questions and your doubts. Spend some time with your older children if it is your second baby. Create a bond between you and your first child that makes you emotionally strong and makes you feel connected with your unborn baby.

Plan for extra help when needed for example when your paternity leave is about to finish there you need helper, baby sitter for your older children. If you are lucky enough your family members and friends can help you out with these types of problems or else you have to arrange for a paid helper.

Write down important contact numbers of people you need in an emergency. Plan for your routine checkup where you can see your baby’s development.

Keeping house pet-free and pest free

A baby’s arrival can be a shock to your pet. Make sure your pet and baby live together happily. Keep them in separate rooms. Keep your baby room pet free it is safe for him/her. Your pet can carry germs and bacteria when you don’t maintain hygiene. Always wash your hand after you feed, play or clean your pet. It is important to keep house, yard, garden clean as pets are the carrier of germs and many diseases. Cover the baby room and windows with the net so that it is out of reach of cats, mouse, etc. whatever pet you have provided them healthy veterinary care to keep pet and family healthy.

Another problem is to keep your house pest-free. It is important to keep pest free house and area before the baby arrives. Try to store woods, stones, bricks or any kind of stuff away from garden or yard. See there is no waterlogged in any area of your yard or garden.

It can be a breeding place for germs and mosquitoes. Empty out all flower pots, buckets, tires where water gets logged.

Trim trees, plants, and bushes timely. Seal all holes, pits, cracks or any openings that are living places for pests like ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, etc. keep rooms and houses ventilated. Don’t let any debris to be accumulated near your house. Keep baby room moister free that keeps away from fungus and bacteria. Keep a routine inspection with your pest control services and specialist.

Clean the house as when your baby arrives you won’t get time to clean it. The house must be cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Organize all necessary things at the proper place. Don’t let debris get accumulated anywhere.

Baby’s care

An infant care class teaches you how to take care of your newborn baby which includes how to bath, how to change diapers, how to give a step-by-step massage. It also teaches ho to breastfeed what to eat what to avoid when you are a breastfeeding mother. Also helpful to see your infant how to feed timely when they are hungry. Does it teach you why baby cry? Reasons behind that such as hunger, abdominal pain, irritation due to moisture, choking, feeling uneasy due to blockage in cough and cold, breathing problems.  Infant CPR is when your baby chokes or is unconscious.

You must write down all the instructions given by the instructor in your class so that you won’t forget. The class must be authorized and recommended by doctors. There should be a panel of trained instructors.

Setting up a baby nursery

This includes furniture, beds, accessories. The main part of furniture includes changing tables for dresses, a crib, a dresser table, and a chair. The nursery takes time to set up, so set it the week before the baby arrives. Furniture can be ordered several weeks before so you can set up a baby’s room including furniture and accessories. Buy a baby car seat. Check the baby car seat properly so that your baby won’t get hurt while sitting and moving into it. Accessories include bathtubs, vaporizer, wipes, bedsheets and pillows, blankets.

Also buy clothes for your infant which include newborn cotton clothes, diapers, wipes, cotton. Wash and clean all new clothes before you dress to your baby as it may contain many irritants. It can cause skin rashes or bumps on the baby’s skin.

Shopping before baby arrives

Shopping before baby arrives

All you need is to buy necessary stuff before you head towards the hospital. Here are some of them.

  • Clothing: It includes 9 undershirts, 6 gowns, stretchy sleepers, 6 pairs of pants, 2 jackets for winter.
  • For nursing mother, you will need bibs, breast pump, burp cloths, nursing bras one cup larger than before, breast pads, pillows, containers to store milk.
  • Baby’s soap, shampoo, talc, lotion for sore nipples. Buy things that are gentle on the skin.
  • Buy disposable nappy as you will need every time. Stock up nappies.

Keeping your car ready

During the emergency rush to the hospital, your car must be ready. Check its tires should not be flat. Whether its petrol runs out on the way. Keep plenty of fuel every time and the car serviced. Install the baby car seat properly if you are taking the baby home in the car.

Keep phone charge

When you are heading towards the hospital make sure that your phone is fully charged, don’t forget to keep the charger and power bank. Keep all your emergency contacts in your phone.this will help you to update your family and friends during labor.

Capture all the memorable pictures and videos to share with everyone.

Hospital bag

You may have to rush the hospital anytime. You will never know when labor pain will going to start. So keep the hospital bag ready with all essential items. You will need it during delivery and post-delivery. Keep gowns, extra undergarments, maternity bras, dresses, toiletries, slippers and footwear, lotions and lip balms, wipes, towels, nappies, infant clothes, socks, nursing pillows.

Also keep phone charger, snacks, and healthy drink, hairbrush, and hairband, toothbrush breast pads. Keep blanket, baby clothes and hat to cover head.

Keep a jacket or snowsuit for winter. Things to keep you pass the time are such as magazines, books, music. To make your environmental personal you need to carry a few items in your hospital bag.

If you think you have other ideas as far as getting ready for baby’s’ arrival is concerned, do let us know in the comments section.

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Cough in babies


Baby time is a special memory for most of us. But for various reasons, the experience does come with lots of issues that need attention and caution. Night-time cough is one of them. This may be stressing at first as no parent loves to see their little one in distress, especially during the night. Nighttime cough in babies is regular and the symptoms may not be too serious but can lead to various issues later point of time.

We may think of it as a major issue, but the cough in babies is a procedure of defense from the body against the respiratory tract illness. Various tract infections cause the mucus to secrete into the airways which are a part of the response to the infection. Cough is actually causing your baby to clear the mucus from the respiratory tract.

Needless to say, coughing at night means you need to take action against the infection.

In infants that have crossed the age of 3 months, running nose is not a major issue. This happens as the nasal area becomes a bit congested. Also, the baby’s immunity system is not strong enough to deal with various types ofallergic reaction that affects his airways. The system is sensitive and the baby can easily develop symptoms from an allergy.

Keeping your house cough-free

One might think why and how the cough in babies develops even if the baby stays at home. This is common as many elements or allergens may cause an interruption in the airways of your baby. Hence, it is important to keep your house allergy-free to prevent coughing at night. The first thing you need to do is to check for any molds in ceilings or edges. Molds may go unnoticed and the harmful bacteria can enter into the nose easily and cause various types of allergies. You need to look for signs of mold such as feeling cold near walls, coughing in closed rooms, the allergic reaction on the skin and so on.

The next part is to keep all chemicals away and secured in closed cabinets. These being volatile, can travel through the air and cause nose coughs. You may look forward to removing products such as thinners, paints, primers, dish detergents, cloth detergents, shampoos, perfumes, deodorants, nail paint removers, etc.

For making your home free from allergens, make sure that it has no dust accumulation. You should get the house cleaned regularly. And once in a week always take make that extra little effort to remove dust from corners and edges such as ceilings and behind the furniture. Also, do make it a point to remove cobwebs from the house.

See if there is someone sick or allergic in the house

The body’s metabolism of a baby is very delicate. This means that he can get sick from a sick person very easily. And since cold and cough symptoms are contagious, the risk becomes more if there is someone already having these issues in the house. Often at times, the cuteness of our baby makes us forget that we are infected.

A tiny cough usually doesn’t stop us from picking up, playing with or kissing our little one. But this could harm in ways we did not imagine. Runny nose or sneezing can transfer the allergic bacteria from air into our child’s respiratory system. This can cause nighttime coughing. Hence, it is always important to stay away from a baby if you are having the symptoms of cold or cough. Asking anyone having the same to keep a distance from the baby is never a bad idea.

Adverse room conditions in the room at night

Nighttime cough is common but they do indicate that there is something wrong. Continuous nighttime cough can be harmful and if your baby is coughing continuously for many days he can develop allergies that are hard to go away. Also, coughing causes strong movements of the chest which can lead to pain in the muscles. The reason might be in your room. Here are a few room factors that might cause nighttime coughing:

  • Nighttime room temperature is below the average one- install a heater to counter this
  • Mold or mildew growth near the wall where the baby is sleeping- get it treated professionally as soon as possible
  • An open-air passage such as a window can cause sneezing at night
  • Too much humid air can lead to coughing
  • Too much moisture in the room can lead to coughing
  • Uncomfortable sleeping position such as without any blankets or near a cold furniture
  • Emission of smokes can cause coughing. If someone smokes near the baby, it can be harmful

Take note of hygiene

Various unhygienic conditions can lead to certain diseases in babies. And night time cough in babies is no exception. No matter if it’s related to you, your clothes, an area in the home or someone else in the house, hygiene does matter a lot.

To take proper precaution, make sure that you wash your clothes daily and shower daily to keep yourself free from germs, fresh and hydrated. Always use clean wipes and clothes for your baby. Towels should be washed and dried in a perfect manner. Keep a large bottle of sanitizer in the room so that you or anyone can use it prior to touching the baby.

Never put fingers or any foreign object in the baby’s mouths.

fingures in baby mouth

Always mop and sweep the floors daily to keep dust and germs away from the floor. Also, ensure that your baby’s skin is cleaned, hairs are free from dandruff and clothes are new and washed with good quality detergent.

Your baby should never sleep close to areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. These areas accumulate harmful bacteria which can hinder the smooth respiratory processes of the newly born.

Treating night time cough in babies

Let’s assume that your baby is into the problem and experiencing the night time cough. Though it may not be anything to worry about, you need to seriously take action to reduce the level of discomfort faced by your baby at night. While prevention is important, the cure is the next step in treating the diseases.

And it doesn’t mean that you should take your baby to pediatrician straight away, you can do things on your own that will reduce the cough and cold. Here is what we suggest you should do before paying fees for a physician:

  • Check if the surrounding of the baby is clean and free from any mold or mildew growth
  • Check the clothes and dressing of the baby and remove any wet piece of fabric
  • Soothe the baby by giving him milk. Keep him hydrated all the time. Use any good moisturizer if required and give lots of warm fluids so that the baby gets the energy to fight the symptoms
  • Check thoroughly the bedding position of the baby. If he feels discomfort, try raising the bed a little bit and see if coughing persists.
  • Use a humidifier in the room
  • Provide appropriate ventilation in the room to avoid coughing at night. Ventilation will also keep mildews, molds and dust away.
  • You can try using a steamer as it will smooth the nasal congestion of the little one
  • Use any over the counter cough balms that are safe for baby

When to see the doctor

After you have taken proper precautions and actions and still unable to treat the symptoms, it may be worth spending a visit to the doctor. This can be done if the problem persists for a week or so. Be prepared with questions and concerns that should be cleared with a pediatrician. Here are a few points that will help you decide when the right time to seek professional medical help is:

  • A cough lasting for more than ten days
  • Cough symptoms getting worse day by day instead of improving
  • Cough from first few weeks of the birth
  • If a child is unable to breastfeed
  • If a child is facing difficulty breathing and facing discomfort during the night
  • In case the skin of the child is becoming red in an unexpected manner
  • If the baby shouts or cries without any reasons for long hours during the night
  • If the baby is sweating at night
  • When the baby is losing weight in an unexpected manner
  • Labored breathing
  • Dry or wet hacking cough
  • Cough without wheezing
  • Fast breathing during day time

Some additional tips

Preventing cough during night time is a part of taking a baby’s care in a proper manner. If you are aware of the cleanliness and feeding of the baby, these problems can fade away quickly. Here are some additional tips that may be followed to prevent cough and cold:

  • Always keep your baby warm during winters. Use double layers of clothes and wrap him in soft blankets when you pick him up. He should never sleep without a comfortable bedding
  • After the bath, do not delay putting on clothes. Put on furry and warm clothes as soon as possible. The baby can catch a cold if he is kept naked for a long period of time.
  • Always use warm water during a bath or when cleaning the baby. It is also a good idea to use the wipes after soaking them in warm water
  • Don’t skip the feeding and in fact, do it in a perfect manner with regular time intervals. Feeding in a good manner is an ideal way of keeping the baby hydrated and free from cough.
  • Do not apply any cream or ointments near the nasal passage of the baby. The nasal passages should be kept clean as much as possible
  • You can moisten the airways by using a cool-mist type of humidifier. This will reduce coughing that may be a result of post-nasal drip
  • If possible, use the air purifier in the room so that the air being inhaled by the baby remains fresh and free from harmful allergens
  • Keep the baby away from flowers or plants. These contain pollens that may result in the onset of coughing or sneezing.

Give lots of water diet to your babies such as juices and smoothies. Scientists believe that a decaffeinated warm team may help in easing out the symptoms that set off sneezing. Mind that you should not force if the child resists drinking. A cool Popsicle may act as a preferable substitute.

Before going to bed, offer a warm honey spoon to your baby. Honey is a natural anti-coughing remedy that can help in easing out the uncomfortable symptoms. Honey works by coating the throat and alleviate soreness. Take note that honey should be given only if your baby is above one year of age. You can also give various natural remedies including honey that are available over the counter.

As the last method, you can use medications. Tylenol and Ibuprofen may help comfort her if he has fever too along with a cough or if the sneezing or coughing worsens with time. Here again, these medications should not be given to too younger babies or newborns.

Nasal saline drops given in a regular manner may help in easing out the condition of a runny nose.


The treatment of nighttime cough in babies has three parts. The first one is to avoid the problem first hand before your baby develops the symptoms. This will include preventing your home from dust and allergies in an assuring manner. The second part is to do your best to improve or ease out the symptoms. This implies various steps you can take to help him get comfortable. You can apply various home remedies here and make the surroundings better to reduce the indications. The third part is to simply visit a doctor. This should be done if nothing works at all or if the problem is worsening day by day.

If you do not pay attention to the problem and believe that it is common, the condition of night time cough in babies can worsen with time.

Also, various children develop asthma due to normal coughing which makes a deep impact in the respiratory system later on in life.

The baby can also develop enlarged adenoids which hinder breathing. Older children might have sinusitis which is a type of bacterial infection emerging from the common cold. The signs can also indicate the onset of a respiratory syncytial virus. Hence, these reasons make it a sure thing to tend to the problem and if it continues to grow, to reach visit a registered child specialist as soon as possible.

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Teeth brace

Teeth Brace

If you are undergoing dental braces treatment to straighten your crooked or crowded teeth, then you should take care of the orthodontic appliance like your teeth. Poor dental hygiene during the orthodontic treatment will end in unsightly tooth appearance and may stretch the treatment duration.

Cleaning teeth will become quite challenging after wearing teeth braces. The small gaps between the wire increase the chance of food trapped in those spaces. If the trapped food particles are not removed properly, it will lead to cavities, plaque build-up, and other dental complications.

It is essential to care and keep the orthodontic appliance clean. In this post, important orthodontic care tips to be followed during the treatment are shared.

Brush after every meal

Brush after every meal

Wearing dental braces does not mean you need to brush inefficiently. Teeth cleaning is more important in this period than the normal days. As it is difficult to remove the debris and other particles stuck with the braces, you have to brush the teeth after every meal and if possible after every snack.

While brushing the teeth, keep the brush at 45 degrees towards the gum region. It will help you to clean the teeth effectively beneath the metallic wires.

Flossing once a day and rinsing your mouth with mouthwashes also help you to keep your mouth clean during the teeth straightening treatment. Remember that brush and floss your teeth gently. If you vigorously rub your teeth with a toothbrush, it may damage the brace.

Maintain an Orthodontic friendly diet

It is essential to skip some food items when you wear orthodontic appliances. The main reason is hard and crunchy food items damage the braces. Likewise, sticky food substances cling on the metal wires and brackets. This will change the structure of the orthodontic appliance on the teeth.

When the dental brace gets damage or loosen, you need to replace it with a new one. This makes the orthodontic treatment expensive and pushes you to wear the dental brace in the mouth for a long time.

To avoid such negative effects, make a diet menu with food items and snacks suggested by your Orthodontist.

Cover the dental brace while playing

Mouthguards which protect our teeth are also helpful in safeguard the braces that push the teeth to appropriate position. If you are a sportsman or get braces for your kid, then prefer the mouth guards available in the dental office where you get the teeth braces.

Get regular Orthodontic Check-ups

Visiting your orthodontist at regular intervals will help you to examine the brace and do the adjustments if needed.

The damaged braces will put you at risk of serious health hazards. For instance, if the metal wire in a brace is damaged or loosened, it will get into the throat when you breathe. Similarly, the sharp edges of broken braces also cut the soft tissues like tongue, cheeks inside the mouth.

Hence it is important to visit your orthodontist at times during the teeth braces treatment. It aids you in diagnosing and repairing the dental appliance immediately.

Don’t use your teeth as a biting tool

Some people have the habit of using their teeth to open bottles, unravel knots on a rope and other activities. Similarly, few have habits like biting nails, pencil edges, pen caps, chewing ice cubes.

Do you know the extreme pressure will break the teeth into pieces? If you have dental braces on your teeth, biting such hard particles with teeth will damage the dental appliance also. Hence you should not do such activities while wearing teeth brace in your mouth.


Straightening teeth with dental braces will help you to get rid of crowded teeth and avoid various aesthetic and dental problems. If you prefer Invisalign to straighten the teeth, teeth cleaning and eating is not a problem because you can remove the clear aligners when you want.

In the case of metal braces, you have to indulge in certain activities and habits to protect the dental appliance.

Author Bio

Dr.D.Sendhilnathan is an eminent implantologist.
Completed BDS and MDS in the Department of Prosthodontics and Implantology.
He is one of the very few in India who has cleared Diplomate of National Board in Prosthodontics, by the Ministry of Health, Government of India.

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Achieve happiness


Can Meditation Help you? From a very early age, we are subconsciously in the pursuit of happiness, aren’t we? A newborn baby when its hair just starts to curl you will notice that it finds happiness in every toy you throw at him. They get carried away with the pleasure these toys give them. After few hours you will suddenly notice them getting annoyed for no reason as they grow hungry, now they see the satisfaction in the food that is fed and the toys now seem to be of least pleasure to them and Achieve happiness. Yes, Meditation can help.

Meditation can help


They grow up and now they see happiness in spending time with their friends. Later on, in their adulthood, they encounter bliss in the form of love and they see this as an ultimate level of happiness. They experience certain kind of resort in this relation, but with each passing day, this happiness soon begins to shed its color and now they have an urge to begin a family so as to take this happiness to another level. Do you think I would be ever able to end this list of external factors on what your joy depends upon?

Great personalities have always tried to drill this into our heads that happiness is not without it is within us. Humans are not the ones who ought to be blamed for searching happiness in such an unintelligible way. Every person who is brought to this earth is carried away with the lust this materialistic world has showcased for us. No doubt you will seek pleasure from the outside world but that will always be a constant struggle. To squeeze happiness out of something that is not yours is temporary and it is bound to disappoint you at one point in your life and achieve happiness.

There are two reasons why it is said that external happiness is a limited edition.

Worldly happiness being materialistic, its essence soon fades. The second reason is something that people fail to see, but it should be in the limelight as this is the prime reason why people encounter sadness so often these days. Your attitude to look for misery in every situation spreads glumness around you. For instance, you are seated in a restaurant and you take a glance at a family that is relishing sizzler besides your table.

You feel pity looking at your half-filled table in comparison to their over-filled ones. But from a street beggar’s viewpoint, there is no miserable creature on the earth like you. When you disregard of whatever nature has chosen to shower upon, you are ought to be doomed every second of your life.

The biggest and silly mistake that people tend to do nowadays is they search for joy in people who are joyous within. We see today that people cling to groups that are full of amusement. The world laps for the company of such charmers as though they are their source of gaiety. This is where we need to divert our thoughts, from others to ourselves.

Personalities like Sadh guru, who have gained profound knowledge on how this mind, body and energies work has conferred that happiness, can be sought from within. Meditation or mind yoga paves the path for such eternal happiness. Apart from being meditative, there are various other factors that affect the mental state of happiness of a person. Like the food you eat.

This being an external factor also has a deep impact on how you turn out as, even after being meditative. In the yogic culture, foods are bifurcated as ones that negatively energize your body and the other that positively. Raw or boiled vegetables, Groundnuts, honey, fruits are supposed to impact you in a positive manner. Whereas tea, coffee, alcohol, onion, and garlic are considered to boost negative energies within you. Thus, food is a critical factor when you want to imagine yourself in a euphoric state.

Happiness within can be found when you switch off the lights to see outwards. You have been unknowingly meditative most of the time until now. Like when you are engulfed in creative art, or you sing or perform dance moves. These are the times when you cut yourself off from the world and get deeply engrossed in yourself. Haven’t you experienced a feeling of kinship with the art?

That is happiness. Being meditative and contemplating on yourself for just a few minutes for a month will give you results. Because when you begin to hear sounds from within, your heartbeats, your breathing you get curious to grow deeper inside.

The brain now no more sends signals to your body about any external movements happening around but about yourself. Each cell of your body tends to now absorb the energies of who you are. With each deep breath, you should try to shove get rid of anxiety and stress that you presently hold.

This indicates the brain to send some calming yet positive signal to each cell of your body thus leaving you in a complete state of relaxation. Each cell now rests in a peaceful state and this, in turn, gives you little bundles of joy. From a scientific viewpoint, it is evident that being meditative helps in shrinking that part of the brain which holds on your stress and anxiety and with each passing day it has become more evident that the activities in the left part of your brain increases and Achieve happiness.

This is now a positive sign and a way to assure that you are on the right track because the left part of your brain is supposed to be its euphoric zone. There is an assurance in this technique if you become mindful for at least 5 times a week for just a few minutes. The state of mindfulness is said to be practiced before 8 in the morning and after 5 in the evening. Such peak times are sure to yield benefits for you in the time to come. Enrich your life from being mindful now and Achieve happiness.

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Sticky hair

Week Hair

Healthy and shiny hair is every girl’s dream. Especially in monsoon season and humid weather, it becomes difficult to manage hair and maintain its softness and shine. The hair becomes rough, frizzy and dry and you can face hair fall too. So you need to take special care of your hair in this season. So lets us have a look at how to take extra care of your hair in rainy weather. Here are a few tips like Vitamins to reduce hair fall or some more tips.


Well, sticky hair in monsoon avoid the exposure of rainy water to your hair as this water is not good for your hair. This water contains toxins that can damage your hair. Try to cover your hair at least in case you are drenched.



In case your hair gets wet to try to wash it with a mild shampoo. These days a lot of sulfur-free shampoos are available in the market. Choose the shampoos according to your hair texture and sensitivity. Then use conditioner too to make hair soft. This will reduce breakage.


Well, the clear scalp is the key to healthy hair. Try to keep your scalp clean by washing your hair twice or thrice in a week. I won’t suggest washing the hair daily as hair become weak in this season. Clean scalp saves your hair from a lot of bacterial infections and other unusual hair conditions such as lice in the hair too. In humid weather its a big task to keep the scalp clean.


hot oil treatment

Sticky hair in monsoon, Don’t underestimate the power of oil to your hair. Use hot oil at least twice a week for hair. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil or any oil of your choice. Personally, I am using black castor Jamaican hair oil for me. It’s magical. It’s thick inconsistency. So, in addition, you can add some other oil like coconut oil or olive oil in that. You can keep the oil overnight. Or if you don’t have time you keep the oil overnight you can keep it for 3-4 hours and then wash it off with mild shampoo. Hot towel therapy also you can use. Soak a towel in hot water. Put it on your hair after washing. Let it be for half an hour. Then dry the hair.


Prefer using more herbal things to hair like henna, lemon, yogurt, egg, methi seeds, etc. Avoid the use of chemicals. In the rainy season, the hair becomes lifeless and weak too. Avoid doing experiments too. I am winding up here with a quick hair spray for hair which I am sure will sure tackle your hair fall problem.

Boil 2 glasses of water in a pan. Add some tea leaves.U can add tea bags too. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Let it cool down. Squeeze a lemon in it. Put it in a spray bottle. Or you can apply with the help of a cotton ball. Apply it on your scalp. Let it be like that for 20 -30 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. For conditioning, you can use aloe vera gel. It gives natural shine and smoothness to hair.

I hope these tips are going to help you in this manage hair in monsoon weather. Besides, don’t forget to take a good diet which is key to healthy hair. I remember supplements too which I used to repeat once in a year for excessive hair fall these days. (BETA SCLEROBIN+VITAMIN C+VITAMIN E).You can also get it from any drugstore if you facing a lot of problems.

Thanks so much for reading the article. I will soon catch you up with more interesting topics. Have a nice day.

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Reduce Your Hair fall


There is a yoga pose for almost any problem known to man. They help in better blood regulation, breathing and proper muscle work out. It turns out there are a few poses that can help you if you have a hair fall problem. It’s normal for us to have a home remedies for hair fall rate of about 20 per day. What’s not right is not having those spots getting filled up. It can be due to stuck pores or lost follicle. Yoga poses can help you to reduce your hair fall by yoga and bounce back from the receding hairline.

Rubbing Nails

Rubbing Nails

Rubbing nails might seem a trivial solution. After all, why would then anyone prefer to undergo STRIP and FUE hair implantation? Why would someone pay thousands of rupees for just getting a single hair implant on their bald head? Instead, they can just rub their nail for eternity and have shining and strong hair – the likes of which you can see on some shampoo commercial.

Rubbing nail is known as “balayam”. The word comes from two words, “bal” meaning hair and “Ayam” meaning exercise. It cannot alone solve your hair loss problems. But it can help a lot. It is meant to increase the blood flow to your scalp, which is why it is also counted as an acupuncture move. With the increased blood flow, your hair follicles can grow better. You can do that for 15 minutes every day, and you would see results. It is claimed that rubbing nail can help you get rid of bald spots and receding hairline along with helping you to reduce your hair fall.



Strictly speaking, you cannot regard Jogging as a yoga. But it does have some very good health benefits. Those who want to lose some weight should jog often, or so they say. But jogging can also help you to reduce your hair fall.

Jogging increases the blood flow in our body. It facilitates better blood regulation while ensuring that the fat is being burned. Jogging can help you to get your blood flowing in the scalp. We don’t mean to say like the times when you get irritated, and blood flows to your head or something. Jogging regularly ensures a healthy heart rate and good muscle tone, especially in the lower body. Also, when you jog, you sweat. This sweat can help cleanse your skin from waste products and help open your pores.

When it comes to hair fall, you need to be a bit more careful. You need to ensure that you properly wash away the sweat or salt build-up in your scalp from all the running. If your scalp is not clean after a good run, then you risk even more hair fall.

Do side to side hops to reduce your hair fall

Are you a manga or anime fan? Have you read or seen One Punch Man? Wondering how all that fits here? Well, we are just asking for fun. In that anime, the protagonist has one spectacular technique known as “Serious Side Ways Jump” (sounds kind of funny doesn’t it?) which can create almost 100 after images.

Now you don’t need to be one punch man. You don’t need to be able to create after images. You can stick to living healthy and beautiful by doing “normal” side to side hops. Might seem kind of a let down here.

Side to side jumps involves you standing with your legs slightly apart and then jumping side to side while balancing on your legs rapidly. It helps in getting the blood pumping. It is an excellent cardio workout which you can do at home without any equipment. It also helps in strengthening the core and improve your balance. And also, your hairline. Side to side jumps is great to get the blood flowing to your scalp and help in getting better control over your hair fall. Not to mention, it’s really easy to do.

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Pranayama Breathing Exercises that was were popularised by Yoga Guru Swami Baba Ramdev. They help you get control over your breathing pattern. Two of the most popular Pranayama Exercise in practice are the “Anulom-Vilom” and “Kapalbharati”. If you are Indian, then chances are you might know about it.

Anulom-Vilom” focuses on inhaling and exhaling techniques. To do anulom vilom, you need to hold your nostrils closed with your hand. Open one nostril (say the right nostril), breathe in deeply and slowly. Now close the nostril and open the other one. Breathe slowly out through it. Repeat it with the left nostril. That’s one measure. You can do this twenty times in two sets.

For Kapalbharati, you need to sit with your legs folded and spine straight. Take a deep breath and exhale it out. Now start to take breaths in succession and letting them out. Take small breathes and try to do this 15 times in 10 seconds. Focus on the exhaling part. That is Kapal Bhati. Simple, ain’t it to reduce your hair fall?

Furthermore, the best time to do pranayama breathing exercises is in the morning. But if your schedule is busy, you can do it at any time of the day. Just make sure to have a good supply of fresh air. As for the rate of Kapal Bhati, you can vary it if you are uncomfortable with such a high rate. Keep it above one exhale per second to reduce your hair fall.

Practice Uttanasana to reduce your hair fall

Practice Uttanasana

Uttanasana is also popular as the forward bend. Furthermore, you can be sure here that the common PT exercise of bending to touch the toes comes from it. Therefore, Uttanasana is great for helping to stretch your hamstrings. They help in extending your spine and releasing the built-up stress. This helps in better blood regulation and flexibility. It is also helpful to reduce your hair fall.

To perform Uttanasana, stand with your hands at your side. Therefore, watch your breathing pattern. Moreover, breathing is important. Take in a breath and with hands still at your hips, slowly bend as you exhale. Therefore, try to touch the floor. If you succeed, then tie your hands around the back of your legs. Overall, the general concern here is maintaining your balancing. Make sure to stretch your spine. Do not let your shoulders slump. It is best to do this pose while under supervision if you are a beginner.

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live a healthy and happy life

healthy life

When you think of living a happy life, health plays a major role. Without good health and a healthier lifestyle, you cannot think of living with calm and peace. While there are many basic steps you can adopt in your daily life such as eating real food, drinking water, exercise, etc. but all these will stay with you, but this knowledge would not be enough when it comes to implementing these on your daily life.

So as to ease away to healthy living, there are tips you can consider for living a healthier life.

 Eat real food

Obviously, there’s no better option to adopt a way to healthy living than adding real food to your daily meals. No processed food helps you maintain your daily requirements of proteins, vitamins, and minerals and helps you clear your skin and normal diseases.

Regular and long term diet full of real food helps to prevent serious diseases like

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety etc.

Your daily food habits must contain

  • Whole grains
  • Protein-rich diet (meat, fish, eggs)
  • Avoid foods which have high fat, cholesterol, added sugar
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal before sleeping

Maintain a habit of physical activities

physical activities

Giving at least 30 minutes of your day to exercise and physical fitness activities. They will help you maintain your body and fitness. This is one of the best tricks to improve your health.

  • Walk whenever possible.
  • Take stairs rather than lifts
  • Park your car from a distance to your location
  • Take regular strolls
  • Breathe in the fresh air and take out time for early morning walks
  • Start slowly with exercise and then gradually increase to avoid any kind of injury
  • Physical activities like yoga, swimming, aerobics, stretching, etc. are helpful for any age group

Benefits of Maintaining a habit of regular exercise are as follows

  • Reverse aging
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Controls weight gain

Take regular snacks

 Remember to take little breaks in between your daily busy schedule. Eating a little snack after every hour or two would be the best way to boost your mood and health anywhere at any time.

  • Eat Salads
  • Oats
  • Fruits
  • Juice
  • Rusk
  • Milk etc.

It all depends on your mood and preference that what you would want to eat at that time of the day. Adding little snacks keep your mind healthy and active.

Plan vacations 

Show love to yourself and gift yourself vacation vouchers whenever possible. Vacations are always a fun break that you deserve after all your daily hectic schedule.

Plan a small trip to the place you love, whether alone or in a group. Choose a place that has a healthier environment. Remember :

  • Take snacks with you
  • Keep yourself hydrated everywhere
  • Pack the essentials
  • Keep the things of your hobbies and take time to do these whenever possible
  • Relax your mind and body and forget your problems for a while.

When you take a vacation, you get time to relax your body and mind which calms your soul. A stress-free body and mind is a way towards success. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to concentrate on your work properly.

Here’s a healthy tip: Take sick leaves once in a while to give yourself a day-break to keep your mind fresh.

Read and read more

 Adopt a habit of reading more and more. The more you read, the more it stimulates the brain. That’s a tip to keep your mind healthy.

Reading time takes away your daily problems and stress and helps you live a calmer life.

Writing is also another way you can try to distract your mind from stress and get rid of anxiety. Write about the thing that disturbs you and watches the problem fades away. When you are stressed about a situation, your body and mind use all your energy to help you find a solution for it which overall comes down to a situation of overthinking. To avoid this chaos and try living a stress-free life and live a healthy and happy life.

Take care of your mental health

 We talk about physical health, outer looks, and glow but the most important thing in a healthier life we forget to discuss the mental state of a person

If you are not mentally healthy and having some mental problems like stress, anxiety, depression can destroy someone’s life more than you can imagine. So mental health is equally important.

There are some simple tips to maintain a healthy state of mind, and they are

  • Get enough sleep. On average, an adult person must get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to maintain the normal health of the mind.
  • Take a walk. Your mind needs relaxation from all the chaos and walking in nature is the best life hack you can try.
  • Keep trying new things like food, dress, shoes, books, etc. to keep your mind fresh.
  • Talk to people about your problems and be open so as to decrease the pressure on your mind.
  • Enjoy your achievements.

When you plan on to get a healthy lifestyle you need to take note of things that are important. Try these little tips and tricks to a healthier life that are mentioned above to start adopting better ways of life.

Research about things and get a clearer idea of your ways and life and then try adapting more and more things every once in a while. A healthy body and mind are all that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Try being happy and satisfy what you really are and live a healthy and happy life.

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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence means managing and knowing their own emotions and also, know the emotions of others too. If a person has a high range of emotional intelligence, it means they know exactly how they are feeling, what they are feeling, what the are meaning for their emotions, what could the consequences of their emotions and how they will affect others.

It is said that the people who acquire a high level of emotional intelligence will become a good leader. On the other hand, they perform very at good at their job, and they are also very good coworkers. If a person has a high level of emotional intelligence, then they are highly aware of his or her emotions it doesn’t matter if the emotions are positive and negative. They can also manage and know their negative emotions such as frustration, anger, sadness, and jealousy. It is also a good thing because if you have high Emotional Intelligence then you can be a better parent, leader, friend, or partner.

Here, I will be going to discuss the ten best Emotional Intelligence Activities and Exercises to improve your emotional intelligence:

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

It is the most important emotional intelligence activity when it comes to knowing your emotions. Self-awareness is the capacity of a person to look within himself/herself without being bias with positive and negative. A person thinks that they know everything about themselves and know everything that they feel. However, sometimes you stuck in a situation, where you don’t know what emotion is overpowering you and it is the time when the question arises that do you really very well self-aware of your own feelings.

Self-awareness exactly means that you what you are doing, how you actually feel about that thing, and the most important thing is to try to sort what is that you don’t know about your emotional state.

Feelings are the most complex things about humans, and it is very difficult to understand sometimes what you are actually or maybe we can sometimes we have mixed feelings at a time. That’s why awareness about oneself is important and must to do to figure yourself out from inside.

Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated

Motivation is key to success if you want to be successful in life; then staying motivated is the key factor you should pursue. It basically means a person’s continuous willingness to achieve their goal or target. Motivation comes from within, and it’s the mixture of feelings like passion, creativity, drive, craze, aspiration, inspiration, optimism, etc. These are all emotions that a person needs to understand to keep oneself self-motivated and this is very important to do, and that’s why it is the best emotional intelligence activity.

Emotional intelligence of a person really depends on their motivation because if they are not even clear with their goals achieving strategy. Then how come they can sort how they are feeling and what emotion in driving them. If they can achieve their goals and work hard for them, then it is clear that the person knows about himself and his emotions and he also knows how to put his emotions in actions to get results.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

Your attitude matter in everything you do. If you have a positive outlook towards things in your life, eventually you are able to solve anything. On the other hand, with a negative attitude, you will just increase your problem into a bigger one. And because of this, staying positive or keeping your attitude positive towards things in your life is a must. To achieve a high level of Emotional Intelligence will also help you understand the attitude yours and as well as of others. If your attitude is negative toward anyone it will surely impose a negative impact on that person and even might hurt their feeling. But a positive attitude imposes only positive vibes on anyone. Your positive attitude will keep them optimistic, and they will eventually know what they have to do.

Staying positive also means practicing positive things such as meditation, yoga, listening slow or light music, and even your diet also impact on positivity. So first practice positive things in your life to keep your attitude positive towards everyone or anything. This also helps in increasing your emotional intelligence.

Critiques are your friends


Criticism usually means expressing one’s opinions and thoughts regarding the positive and negative aspects of someone or something. Criticism is not something bad it is the important aspect of your work or maybe of yourself. Critics are very important in your life and if they tell you your flaws don’t be upset about it, instead be happy that you can remove those flaws from your life. Taking criticism positively is a really important emotional intelligence activity.

One of the sayings of poet Kabir is about critics, and he is encouraging a person to have critics in his/her life. The saying is, “Keep your critics close to you, let them a house in your yard. That way you don’t need soap or water to clean up your act.” If a person has a high level of emotional intelligence then that person happily accepts critic’s opinions, even if negative or positive. They do not get offended and go all defensive about themselves; on the other hand, they face it with courage.

Empathy is helpful to achieve emotional intelligence


Empathy is necessary because of the emotional intelligence of a person is not only depending on knowing one’s feelings but also knowing and understanding about the feelings or emotions of others too. It simply means understanding other’s feelings, emotions, and situations. Empathy enables you to see things from other people’s perspectives.

It also enhances a person’s capacity for emotional intelligence by providing them a point to also, understand other’s emotions and react according to them. This way, people also don’t hurt anyone and their emotions.

Influence of Oneself

Your personal influence on others also enhances emotional intelligence because if a person gets inspired by your work and habits. Then it actually counts on your side. If you are doing hard work, going well along with your co-workers, and helping others. This way to can influence and motivate the people that are in your surrounding.

Personal influence is not just this your personality, your way of talking, presenting something. It’s the capability to confront things that are important, achieving your goals and vision also add-in.

Listen to improve your emotional intelligence

Listen to improve

Listening is very important, it helps you understand things better, and It helps you make a better decision. Listening is important for everyone including people doing jobs and even students. It does not only improve your emotional intelligence, but it also improves your communication skills.

Effectively listening to another person will help you improve their ideas, their opinions, their thoughts about particular things. It will help you in analyzing their behavior also, and this way you can also predict their emotions. Even you can also figure out how they are feeling. It is the best exercise for improving your emotional intelligence.

Respond not to React

Respond not to React

In giving a response and reacting towards anything is two different things. Reacting exactly means getting defensive towards someone’s opinions or thoughts. On the other hand, giving a response is more healthy and it shows more patience. Basically, a response is an approach and more like a discussion. Reacting towards the opinions of the other and thoughts might not be a good decision. It may cause a problematic situation for you and that person.

Self-control is key to emotional intelligence

It is the biggest thing a person can achieve, and it is really the best emotional intelligence activity. It helps people to improve their emotional intelligence and also helps them to understand their emotions.  For example, you are angry over something, and your emotional intelligence helps you figure out the emotion of anger. This is also good to control your anger because you are also aware of the other people emotion’s around you.

Self-control can’t be taught, a person can master this skill by own, and it will help you develop your personality. It will make you calmer and more positive.

Handling tough situations

Handling tough situations

This is the best emotional intelligence activity to test your emotional intelligence. To know your feelings in the tough situation, how you should respond, how to handle, how to manage other things. If a person has a high level of emotional intelligence then he will be going to positive, calm and relax. He will first analyze the whole situation and then figure out to do what to handle the situation.

For example, if a worker with a high level of emotional intelligence is dealing with a very angry customer. Then while interacting with him calmly and positively, and he will understand his problem. Also, assure the customer with full confidence that he will surely solve the problem soon.

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healthy habits

Healthy diet

It is rightly said that “first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo.  A person can only expect him to live happily if his mind and body are healthy. Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a way of showing yourself that you care and love yourself enough to achieve what you want. The care you take of yourself reflects in your habits and face. The more healthy are these two, more likely you are to stay calm and happy by the mind.

Healthy habits hold a core meaning of your daily routine and habits that you choose to do in your daily life.

Therefore, by adopting a few easy habits and routine you can change your basic lifestyle and start with your healthy food routine.

Eat real food

real food

 Real food is the food that is free from any kind of alterations and is pure to its nutrition value.

However, adopting a habit of adding more and more real food in your everyday life enhances your body and provides the proper needed vitamins, proteins and nutrients that your body needs every day.

Quality of food is what makes the overall difference in your life.

Adapt the habit of daily exercise

Exercising daily is the right way to keep your body fit and healthy throughout your life. However, no matter what your age is, start from what you are right now and see a visible difference in your health and skin problems.

Exercising daily boosts your mood and energy to cope up with your day.

Taking supplements

Supplements like what? Moreover, with the normal and daily food we take, the proper protein, voting and nutrients value is never fulfilled. Though the normal nutrients requirements differ from people to people, we still need the right amount of nutrients.

Consecutively, to meet this value, supplements like vitamins capsule, protein powder for fitness freaks, etc. are the things you consider.

Getting enough sleep

 According to research, an average sleep a person till the age of 18 years should get is around the time of 8 hours and others should get a sleep of 6 hours.

However, a proper sleep of 8 hours is sufficient for every age group to satisfy your stress level. Almost all the problems in your health, body, and mind occur due to the stress level which is most likely to decrease with proper sleep.

Do what you have to do, get the right pillows, bright bedsheets, take a shower before sleep, but get the best and baby tight sleep to decrease your stress level.

Contribute to nature and society

Sounds silly right? Anyhow have you ever fed a stray dog or planted a seed in the most drought area? The satisfaction you get that time is beyond the words.

That is the satisfaction level that you need to have in your daily life. However, spending time in nature, considering a pet, taking a stroll in the evening, etc. are all the right habits you can adopt to give yourself a health boost.

Apart from all this, there are many small tips and tricks you can adapt to lead a healthy life and habits.

  1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Include the most nutritious food in breakfast with salads and fruits to boosts your whole day.
  2. Plan in-between snacks. Keep feeding yourself every hour or two with some healthy snack like rusks, fruits, oats, nuts, etc. to keep your stomach happy.
  3. Eat whole grains. Include the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet with adequate protein value.
  4. Drink a lot of water. Water keeps your body and skin hydrated. Drinking plenty of water per day reduced skin problems, and it also helps in boosting the glow on your skin.
  5. Adopt a habit of exercising. Give at least three minutes daily to exercise and to stretch so that you can keep your body active throughout the day.
  6. Consider a diet coach. A diet coach will help you fulfill the daily need of nutrients in your body according to your age, sex, and weight.
  7. Walk more. Moreover, adopt the habit of walking more and avoid lifts and consider
  8. Do you work with a little dance? This will keep your mood boost and also makes your body active and healthy.
  9. Set goals for your eating habits. Consider the things you need in your diet every day and try to follow it more.
  10. Do things you love. Undoubtedly, this will keep your mood boost all day long and is also a way of showing love to yourself. Take out time to things you love doing as a pass time habitand keep yourself happy with these little things. 

Acquiring a life full of healthy habits is a choice. However, once you start doing and adding these things in your daily routine, you will slowly become addicted to it. most importantly, the results of healthy habits are amazing and are easy to do.

  • Avoid junk foods
  • Adapt real food
  • Eat your vitamins right
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Exercise daily

Are the five most important healthy habits you can adapt to a way to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, start with the lowest and easiest things and then proceed to the bigger ones. Learn, do and adapt is the mantra and see the visible difference and show love to yourself.

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Healthy Dietary

Healthy Dietary

The current research comparing diets of differing macronutrient ratios may not point to one “perfect” diet. There is compelling research about certain dietary styles, including the Mediterranean diet that offers strong guidance.

  • Curious about “quick fixes” like diet pills and gastric bypass surgery? Check out our tips for how to reach a winning weight through a healthy diet.

Low-fat fails

While low-fat was once the diet du jour, subsequent research has shown that low-fat diets are ineffective. Moreover, eating healthy fats is beneficial for health.

  • In the United States, obesity has become increasingly common. This is because of the percentage of fat in the American diet that has declined from 45 percent in the 1960s to about 33 percent in the late 1990s. So, cutting fat is not shrinking waistlines.
  • Experimental studies lasting one year or longer have not shown a link between dietary fat and weight.
  • In the eight-year Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial, women assigned to a low-fat healthy diet didn’t lose or gain more weight than women eating their usual fare.

Low-carbohydrate and Mediterranean diets can be effective

Mediterranean diets

While many “diets” are fads meant to be followed for short periods of time, research shows that some approaches, including some low-carbohydrate diets and Mediterranean diets, can be good models upon which to base your own dietary strategy as long as they incorporate healthy, high-quality foods.

One study comparing a low-carbohydrate, low-fat, and Mediterranean diet followed over 300 people for a 2-year period and found that diets composed of different foods can lead to different weight loss outcomes.  Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, this study concluded that:

  • The Mediterranean and low-carbohydrate diets might be more effective than a low-fathealthy diet.
  • The positive effects of the low-carbohydrate diet and the Mediterranean diet upon lipids and glycemic control suggest that individualized dietary interventions – which take personal preferences and metabolic considerations into account – could be effective.

A large randomized trial on the effects of a Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular disease showed that among patients at high risk for CVD, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts reduced the incidence of major cardiovascular events over  4.8-years of follow-up.

  • This was the first randomized trial that showed reduced cardiac events over a long follow-up period. So it provided strong scientific evidence that the Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy dietary approach.
  • Though this study focuses on cardiovascular outcomes rather than weight loss, it still provides solid evidence that “a calorie is a calorie” is not the case, and that instead, food quality is a key contributor to personal health.
  • It also shows that low-fat diets are continuing to lose credibility. Incorporating healthy fats – such as those present in the Mediterranean diet –  can improve heart health and weight loss.

What exactly is a “Mediterranean Diet” ?

There isn’t one exact Mediterranean diet. This eating style takes into account the different foods, eating patterns, and lifestyles. This is popular in multiple countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. However, there are similarities that define a Mediterranean eating pattern.

Conclusion:  The best diet incorporates high-quality foods in appropriate portions; there isn’t one “perfect” diet for everyone.

Calories matter, but the quality is equally important. When making dietary decisions analyze your diet.  Regardless of whether you choose a certain dietary style such as low-carbohydrate or Mediterranean, you can also use the Healthy Eating Plate as a guide for how to fill your plate.

A healthy diet for weight loss also needs to be sustainable. Regardless of what you’re eating, you need to make sure you’re not eating too many calories overall. Calories do matter but focus first on choosing a healthy diet, healthy foods.

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