Engineering is a vast, and fast-growing industry with many specialized areas and fields to work in. This is the field of science and technology which is frequently developing and expanding. It includes various facts and specializations such as electrical, chemical, civil, software, nuclear, mechanical, and many more. Jobs opportunities in engineering are huge with high payments. To grab these opportunities, the aspirants need a degree with relevant skills to impress the recruiters and to perform well in the working environment. Although, have a wide range of job opportunities in the engineering field you will need the skill sets to reach your potential.

Skills are the additional source that enhances your personality and your performance. Learning those skills may help you to create your future by presenting your best in any field of work. As competition is high, only achieving the degree is not enough for any aspirant to go with to uplift their career. Despite the diversity in the work field, skills are always useful for you. To become a successful engineer you need to have some skills like the following.

  1. Creative Thinking – Creativity is one of the important skills for an engineer. Thinking creatively, and having the ability to think and see the situation and generate ideas in a different way should be key focus areas for an engineer. Finding innovative solutions for challenging problems is a desirable skill in every field. Thinking out of the box and generating solutions and ideas are on the demand list. If you feel you are not creative enough then while working and experiencing the skills of others you will improve your skills as much as you can.
  2. Problem Solving – Solving a problem is a key task for an engineer. Engineering another aspect is to solve problems. Their job is to assess the situation and face the challenge and find the right solutions to the problems. Your analytical way of thinking is a needed and essential skill to work in this field. You come across many issues, challenges, and problems you need to create and think of solutions for. You must identify and work on the solutions with your analytical mind and don’t make your problems more complicated for you as this you can learn in the working environment and work experience.
  3. People Skills – This skill may help you to work with a range of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The ability to work with people together is important as many projects cannot be completed without working with other people working on the same project. In the engineering field, you may encounter different people in different jobs or organizations. It would help if you learned to work with other people with different skills, thoughts, and ways of working.
  4. Desire to Learn – Always eager to learn something new is the top skill of an engineer. Never stop learning is the basic skill to have throughout your professional career. Learning something new will help you to grow in your expertise area.  Through this skill, you will be able to understand important topics and work perfectly in that field.
  5. Sustainability – Engineers play a vital role in the sustainable development of society. Engineers are there to handle every challenge and create a solution for it. They help every society in the world with their innovation but their actions should not affect the environment and future generations. This is important as to make present life better. The engineer’s duty is to innovate without harming the environment.
  6.  Prepare for Digital Change – In this digital era, digital technology is advancing day by day. Engineers should prepare themselves to work in a different genre. Learning different digital skills such as AI is becoming necessary as it is needed for the future. Having digital knowledge and skills will lead you to many organizations working in it.
  7. Enterprise – Having enterprise skills will do wonders for engineers to work in any field with different people. An engineer should learn Enterprise skills such as communication, leadership, innovation, teamwork, and resilience. These skills will help you learn how to work with other engineers and in organizations or companies. Let’s discuss these skills in detail:
  • Communication skills – The engineering job is all about a technical individual job with your own laptop or computer, your own desk but the project in which they work needs human discussion and collaboration to complete the project.  Thus there is a demand to communicate effectively in the field of engineering. It is important to talk and listen to the other person (client or other employees) in order to ensure what they need or to listen to their problems and provide them with effective solutions. Great communication skills are needed to communicate with others, in meetings, in designing and implementing projects, and in problem-solving discussions. Engineers should be great at these skills as misunderstandings will lead you to a great problem.  A capable proficient engineer with great communication skills is a valuable asset for a company.
  • Leadership – Leadership skills are a need for modern world engineering.  This skill is often necessary for many types of engineering. Leadership skills add value to your work by helping and guiding others who work with you as a team.  Leadership is to motivate and encourage the team members to complete the project. They take initiative when major issues occur and look for solutions. Leadership skills add value to your personal development skills.  Being a leader you should be able to guide and help others.
  • Innovation – There is a demand for something new i.e. to make things better, stronger, technical, and environmentally friendly. Innovation is a key skill of an engineer. It is important to be innovative in your field to face new challenges and demands. New emerging technology is the new innovative face of the world. Being innovative leads you to be successful and constructive.
  • Teamwork skills – Teamwork is an essential skill to achieve success in completing projects. Engineers should learn this skill to develop a strong relationship with other teammates in order to process a smooth workflow. Working together as a team will allow every employee to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience, to encourage, and support to improve business productivity. Through this skill, you will understand and learn to work as a team with different people to achieve a common goal.
  • Resilience – Resilience is a process of successfully adapting the difficult and challenging environments and experiences. This is a key skill to handling pressure and managing it in the field of engineering.  The projects in this field can be challenging and hard sometimes which have to be completed within the timelines. These jobs can be demanding in many other ways, including long hours of continuous work in any situation and finding solutions within the time limit. You have to adapt yourself to handle these working conditions, as an engineer needs to learn the skills to be effective, flexible, and innovative at the same time. This is a skill to make you move forward regardless of any challenging situation.
Succeed As An Engineer
  1. Attention to Details – Being an engineer you should be a keen observer and précised in your job. Learning the skills to observe every detail in calculations, the material used in the projects, measurements, and many more is pivotal in the field of engineering. When working as an engineer, precision is very important i.e. you should have strong observation and have detailed attention to the work or double-check it for confirmation.
  2. Critical Thinking – It is essential to think critically to develop the sense of analyzing, and evaluating the situation. In engineering, the problem needs to be evaluated correctly before getting results. You need to learn to analyze, i.e. break down the case into different parts and think about the various ways to find the solutions and evaluate the results correctly. These skills help to lead your career to the top and steady.   
  3. Technically Updated – Technology is updating, and new technologies are introduced on a regular basis. Engineering is not a course to gain knowledge till graduation or post-graduation. It is a long way to gain knowledge and learn from experience in every stage of your career. Being updated with the latest news and technology is a vital skill set to make your career run a long way. Continuous learning in this field will add value to your grades of career. This is an important skill to learn as an engineer. Make sure you are always updated and learn new every time to be perfect in your work.

Recruiters always hire qualified and skilled aspirants for their organizations. You need to be skilled and trained to face challenges in the real field of engineering. Students get to learn skills in their course of education and job place also. But the beginning of this skill-learning journey begins with qualification duration. Only the best universities focus on both i.e. providing the best qualifications and provide training to develop your skills. We are here to share the best university which focuses on the growth of students during their course duration.

TOMS College of Engineering

TOMS College of Engineering was established 33 years ago and it is located in Mattakara in the Kottayam District of Kerala. This college is approved by AICTE, New Delhi. In TOMS college B. Tech courses are affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) and the Diploma Courses are affiliated with the Directorate of Technical Education DTE), Government of Kerala. TOMS College is one of the best private engineering colleges in Kerala and offers B.Tech Engineering courses and Polytechnic Diploma Courses.  TOMS is an engineering college that offers traditional disciplines with the introduction of entrepreneurship education that is added to the university’s curriculum.  The college’s main objective is to ensure the best placements for the students. The faculties of the college are best in their subjects, experienced and highly qualified with the aim of shaping the skills of the students.

Thirunilam Educational Trust under the Visveswaraya Group runs TOMS College. The ranking of the college is 2nd position among private Engineering colleges and Ranks at 8th position among all the colleges in Kerala.  

B.Tech Engineering in TOMS

AICTE approved colleges in Kerala like TOMS provide the best Btech degree in various domains.TOMS offers B.Tech in an engineering degree program for 4 years duration. It is a full-time course with 60 intakes of seats in each specialization. The B.Tech Fees in Kerala college is Rs. 2, 00,000 /-. The college offers 5 specializations in B.Tech in engineering i.e.

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Admission Process

Admission to TOMS College is merit-based; the candidates can apply online as well as offline to get admission to the college. The following steps about the admission process as follows-

  • Candidates can collect the application form from the TOMS office by paying Rs. 500 as application fees.
  • Candidates can also send a demand draft (DD) of Rs 650 through post or courier favoring TOMS College of Engineering payable at Mattakara.
  • Candidates can download the form from the official website of the college –
  • A hard copy of the downloaded form and DD should be sent to the college.

Documents Required

  • Class 10th and class 12th mark sheet/ equivalent certificate.
  • Transfer certificate from the institution last studied
  • Course and conduct certificate from the last studied institution
  • Migration Certificate
  • Original certificate to prove reservation or mark relaxation claims
  • Eligibility certificate of class 12th
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs (colored)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should have passed class 12th from a recognized board of education with a science stream/polytechnic Diploma
  • Candidates must score at least 45 % aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Biotechnology/ Computer Science/ Biology.
  • Candidates must be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • 50% of seats are reserved as Government quota. The seats were allotted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE), Govt. of Kerala.


Polytechnic colleges in Kerala like TOMS Engineering College is best known for its placement drives and internship programs. The main aim of TOMS College is to provide high-quality education in engineering disciplines and to create a balance of academic, professional, and extracurricular programs in the atmosphere of college to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the students.

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One of the best academic degrees with promising futures is a doctoral degree. Dental science is a subset of medical science. MDS, or Master of Dental Surgery, is a specialty course that focuses on the oral cavity, jaw, dental hygiene, anatomy, issues, treatment, prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. To be eligible for MDS admission, interested candidates must take entrance exams, and seats allocated based on ranking. This eligibility criterion is applicable to dental colleges all over India including Mansarovar Dental College in MP. After completing this course, a candidate will be a dentist. Oral issues and ailments are a continual source of concern in India, thus a higher education in dentistry is an excellent option for a better profession. The MDS course provides in-depth study as well as hands-on experience in handling real-world medical situations. In this article, we will investigate the MDS course and the duration and eligibility of the MDS course along with the best MDS colleges in Madhya Pradesh, India.

What is MDS and how long does it last?

The MDS course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of various areas relating to oral and dental health and hygiene. The three-year specialized medical science program Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) is in the field of dentistry. Candidates for MDS courses must select one of the numerous specializations based on their areas of interest. The Master of Dental Surgery is the highest degree of professional education and provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in their field through laboratory work, OPD tasks, internships, practical workshops, seminars, lectures, etc. If you pursue a Ph.D. in Dental Surgery, you will have a lucrative career and several prospects. A Bachelor of Science in Dental Science is a fundamental medical degree. Dentist jobs are available to students with a BDS degree, however, the salary scale and the range of the position are relatively limited. Candidates may seek an MDS degree to broaden their topic knowledge and experience, as well as to raise their pay range.

The MDS student has several career options. A candidate for a Master of Dental Surgery degree may work as a Dental Surgeon, Dental Hygienist, Academic Lecturer, Clinical Research Scientist, or General Practitioner.

Eligibility for MDS

For this course, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in dental science or, in exceptional circumstances, a year of the internship experience. For admission to the MDS program, state-level or national-level entrance examinations are held. NEET MDS, AIIMS PG, AIPGDEE, and other important dental course entrance tests. A minimum of 50% in the BDS admission exam is necessary.

Mansarovar Dental College in MP along with other dental colleges considers some common qualifying requirements which are listed below.

•   Applicants should have graduated from a dental college in India that is associated with and recognized by MCI and has a Bachelor of Dental Science degree.

•.  Applicants should have a cumulative grade point average of at least 50%.

•    Applicants who hold a 2-year Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Surgery from a program accredited by the Dental Council of India are also eligible to apply.

•    A one-year internship is another requirement put forth by universities like Manipal College of Dental Science as a condition for admission to the Master of Dental Surgery program following successful completion of the BDS program.

•    Colleges, universities, or national organizations administer the entrance exams for enrollment in the pharmacy diploma program.


MDS Specialisations

Dental colleges all over India including the dental college in MP, provide specializations in many fields such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and so on. The list of MDS specializations and their descriptions may be found in the table below.

Specialization Description
Prosthodontics Replacement of missing or lost natural teeth and related tissues with permanent or removable artificial alternatives to restore and maintain oral function, health, comfort, and beauty.
Periodontics oral mucous membrane, investing, and tooth-supporting structure health and disorders
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Diseases, traumas, and deformities of the human jaws and associated oral and facial tissues are surgically and adjunctively treated.
Conservative Dentistry periapical lesions and related illnesses and injuries of the tooth’s pulp are prevented and treated.
Orthodontics To ensure that the dental mechanism operates normally, oral abnormalities and malocclusion must be prevented, corrected, and the structures involved must be harmonised.
Oral Pathology mouth diseases: what they are, how they happen, and what they do. It connects the clinical manifestations of oral disorders to the physiologic and anatomic alterations that these diseases cause.
Community Dentistry improves dental health and prevents and manages dental problems via organised community activities
Paedodontics treatment and prevention of potential infant dental and oral health issues
Oral Medicine and Radiology fundamental diagnostic tools and techniques effective in recognising and treating disorders of the oral tissues of local and constitutional origin x-rays and their diagnostic and therapeutic applications illness treatment in relation to orofacial diseases

Best Dental Colleges in Madhya Pradesh for MDS

It is essential to choose a quality institute in order to assure a good education and future. DCI has granted approval to 1 government and 14 private dental institutions in MP. In general, each college has around 50 MDS seats for all specializations combined. It is important to achieve a high rank in Entrance. The best dental colleges in Madhya Pradesh for MDS courses are listed below.

College Name Location
Bhabha University – [BU], Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
People’s University, Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
College of dental science & Hospital – [CDSH], Indore Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Malwanchal University, Indore Indore, Madhya  Pradesh
Maharana Pratap college of technology – [MPCT], Gwalior Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Hitkarini Dental College and Hospital – [HDCH], Jabalpur Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Modern Dental College and Research Centre, Indore Indore, Madhya Pradesh

In addition, below you can find a list of best dental colleges in Bhopal.

College Name Location
Mansarovar Dental College in Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University- [SRK], Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Rishiraj College of Dental Science and Research centre- [RCDS], Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Mansarovar Group of Institutions, Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
LNCT Group of Colleges – [LNCT], Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
RKDF Dental College, and Research Centre – [RDRC], Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
All India Institute of Medical Science – [AIIMS], Bhopal Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


MDS is a well-liked field of study that is offered by several universities in India. The MDS admission method is based on the MDS entrance counseling session and is entirely reliant on the score you obtained at the All-India Dental Entrance. MDS college in MP provides absolutely knowledgeable education to their students, thus producing a better future dentist. Following graduation, individuals might pursue a career in private practice, private hospitals, government hospitals, or higher education.

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The present world is a platform for numerous fields and careers. Ranging from digital fields to onsite fields, the world has upgraded to a whole new level of professionalism. Among these career choices, medicine is one of the magnanimous fields that has developed to a very far extent. Medicine is the field that is being considered one of the significant spectra in the current world. Not just being a profession, medicine has its own ethical value. It is a career that requires utmost dedication and passion.

The field of medicine is widely rooted, with multiple facets of it being available for practice all around the world. A few such branches of medicine that are prominent in India include allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani.

Among these, Ayurveda is a medicinal practice that has originated in the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda has succeeded in treating and curing an extensive range of medical ailments, including physical and mental treatments. Commencing from just practice, today, Ayurveda has emerged into a well-organized professional study course under medicine.

Know a bit about Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “Science of Life” when translated from its Sanskrit language. Ayurveda is one of the historical medical practices that originated in the Indian subcontinent. This medical practice has got its unique way of medications that include herbal medicines, laxatives, yoga, meditations, special diets, and so on. Ayurvedic medicine covers a wide bandwidth of physical treatment, surgeries, and mental therapies. The entire medicinal outlay of Ayurveda has been documented in the book “Sushruta Samhitha.”

From being in books and scripts, Ayurveda has come a long way to get qualified under one of the medicinal courses.

Courses under Ayurveda

Multiple colleges, both government and private medical colleges for Ayurveda, have been established all over India.

Bachelor in Ayurveda

The first basic course under Ayurveda is BAMS- Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It is an Undergraduate course in Ayurveda Medicine. The candidate should have passed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects with a 50-60% aggregate score or equivalent CGPA. The candidate should be at least 17 years of age.

Best MD courses in Ayurveda

Following the BAMS, there are diverse Post Graduate courses in Ayurveda.

Here is the out sketch of some of the best MD courses in Ayurveda:

MD Prasuti Evam Stri Roga

Prasuti Evam Stri Roga is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with Obstetrics and Gynecology. This MD course specializes in training the student in childbirth/parturition and gynecological ailments and disorders.

Theoretical and practical hands-on training in handling pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum maternal health care will be provided in this course. On the flip side, the practitioner will also be educated in handling gynecological diseases and disorders.

MD Prasuti Evam Stri Roga is an excellent PG course for UG students. There is always a massive demand for gynecologists and obstetricians in the medical profession.

MD Shalakya Tantra

Shalakya Tantra is a branch of the asthang Ayurveda that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and surgeries related to the portion above the neck. Specifically, this department concentrates on eyes, ears, nose, throat, head, neck, and dentistry.

This MD course will equip the student with hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating patients with herbal medicines and specialized diets.

Pursuing MD Shalakya Tantra in the best Ayurvedic colleges will be a desirably positive experience for the students. In the present day, this MD course is one of the most opted courses after BAMS.


MD Ayurved Samhita Evam Siddhant

Ayurved Samhita Evam Siddhant is the most important Ayurvedic MD course that imparts complete knowledge about the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. This branch of study incorporates education about the basic principles of Ayurveda, the application of those principles in various fields of medicine, and practicing these principles in treatments and surgeries.

Pursuing MD Ayurveda Samhita Evam Siddhant is similar to becoming a professional general physician in allopathy.

Scope and salary after MD courses in Ayurveda

MAMC, the best BAMS college in Bhopal produces industry ready candidates through their quality education. In the recent era, Ayurveda has significantly developed due to its effective treatment strategies with no or minimal side effects to the patients. As it grows, the demand for highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors is also increasing tremendously. Keeping this demand in mind, pursuing higher studies in Ayurveda will provide a well-developed career in the future.

The salary of a Master Ayurvedic Doctor is estimated to be around 70,000 to 80,000 per month initially. Further, with experience, the salary can reach the slab of 3,00,000 per month.

Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College(MAMC)

Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College(MAMC) is one of the top-notch Ayurvedic colleges in India. This college is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This Ayurvedic Medical College was established by Shri Sai Gramothan Samiti in 2015.

This college is the best Ayurvedic college in MP (Madhya Pradesh), and it ranks among the top private BAMS colleges as well. This college is approved by CCIM Govt. of India(AYUSH) and is affiliated with the MP Health Science University.

The ultimate aim of Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College is to provide a higher standard of education and to produce the most efficient professional doctors for society.

Eligibility criteria for MD courses

The eligibility criteria to enroll for MD courses will be as follows:

  • BAMS graduation from any recognized university.
  • Qualified in AIA-PGET

The eligible students will be admitted only through the respective Central/State Counseling.

Duration of the course

The course duration of any MD course in Ayurveda will be three years.

Choose MAMC. But why?

MAMC is the best private BAMS college in MP. In-field training and experience are highly essential to shine in any field. To be a doctor, it is absolutely crucial to get proper practice. Here are the reasons that justify MAMC as the best choice:

  • Well, specialized faculties- The college’s faculty is highly qualified and carries out a lot of research in the Ayurvedic field.
  • Equipped practice- The college is equipped with advanced instruments and facilities to provide the students with quality training.
  • Ayurvedic medical plants garden- The college has more than 100 varieties of medicinal plants grown and gives live training for the doctors about the plants.


Choosing the best college is as important as selecting the right course. Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College(MAMC) is the best Ayurvedic College in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The facilities, infrastructure, faculty, student-friendly environment, hands-on training, and high practice are all the boons of our college.

Trust our college, Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, and prosper to become a successful doctor.

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Gynaecology, as we all know, is an area of study related to women’s health conditions and diseases. This field of study is often paired with the section on obstetrics, which ultimately becomes the combined area of obstetrics and gynaecology (OB-GYN).

Nowadays, women need to go through numerous health issues, and a simple medical condition can end up being a deadly one if proper medical attention is not looked for. Therefore, in such cases, the gynaecologist plays a vital role.

Starting from puberty, menarche, breast development, and pregnancy to menopause, women are affected by various health problems. That is why it is very important to have a proper idea regarding these troubles. And, if you are willing to have a piece of detailed knowledge and idea about such matters, you can always opt for a degree program in Gynaecology.

In this blog, we will know about the various degree programs/courses in Gynaecologist, also if an applicant can become a Gynaecologist, after completing a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS).

About BAMS

BAMS is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. This is an undergraduate degree course that attempts to make students familiar with Ayurvedic concepts and makes use of them for treatment purposes.

Ayurveda is termed one of the ancient systems of medicine, having its roots in the Vedic times. This section of the study is,  however, based on the curative properties of herbs, and their treatments are known for the natural elements they contain. The BAMS degree includes Ayurveda and the idea of modern medicine in their curriculum, thereby students applying for the course will have an opportunity of learning a combination of both topics. 

Benefits of pursuing BAMS

Upon completing the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree, you will have the opportunity to work in renowned private as well as government hospitals, nursing homes, ayurvedic clinics, wellness centers, etc. Moreover, the Indian government permits BAMS degree holders to open their Ayurvedic pharmacy or clinic.

Also, there are numerous job openings a BAMS degree holder can apply for. Such job roles include Ayurvedic Doctor, Medical Representative, Resident Medical Officer, Business Development Officer, Category Manager, Jr. Clinical Trial Coordinator, etc. Furthermore, BAMS comes up with different opportunities for the students, both in the country itself and abroad.

Along with career opportunities, the study of Ayurveda would involve understanding its applications and roots in our daily lives and further approaching a healthy lifestyle. Any ayurvedic research institute in India aims at providing appropriate training and guidance to its students. It further helps to enhance the skill sets like patience, observation, interest in the medical properties of herbs, decision-making ability, and similar things required for making a career in Ayurveda.


Importance of post-graduation degree program in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

As the BAMS degree program doesn’t include any sort of specialization in its syllabus. Therefore, to become a doctor with specialization in any sector, any candidate must complete a Master’s degree in Ayurveda. Two such programs include the Master of Surgery (MS), and Doctor of Medicine (M.D).

In both programs, the students are free to choose from the specializations as follows:

  • Sharir Kriya
  • Padartha Vigyan
  • Rasa Shastra
  • Swasthavritta
  • Sharir Rachana
  • Rog Vikriti Vigyan
  • Prasuti and Stri Roga
  • Charak Samhita
  • Agad Tantra
  • Shalya Tantra
  • Charak Samhita
  • Kayachikitsa
  • Shalakya Tantra
  • Kaumara Bhritya

This post-graduate degree is generally a three-year master’s course in the Indian medical system of Ayurveda. And, the course is offered in different Ayurvedic colleges across the country.

However, the selection for this course is usually based on a National Level written examination which is called AIAPGET (All India AYUSH Post Graduate Entrance Test). But, in some colleges/institutes, students are selected based on their previous results. So, different colleges/universities have their procedure for selecting candidates in this context.

Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine

Numerous private colleges in India include the BAMS course in their syllabus. But, if you are looking for the best you can check out the Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine. The private BAMS college in Bhopal was established in 2017 by Sri Sai Gramothan Samiti.

The duration of this course involves 4.5 years of academic study and 1 year of a compulsory internship program. It further has an intake capacity of 100 students, and the candidates will be required to fulfill all eligibility norms of the NEET examination as per govt. order during the time of admission/ counseling. This ayurvedic College in Bhopal offers the Bachelor Of Ayurveda Medicine And Surgery) – Ayurvedacharya course, in five and a half years.

Furthermore, an applicant must complete 10+2 or intermediate with a minimum of 50% in individual subjects or its equivalent certificate / Diploma with the subjects recognized by the Government. But, there are some relaxation facilities for candidates belonging to reserved categories in this private BAMS college in Madhya Pradesh. Also, a student needs to have 75% attendance both in theory & practicals separately to appear for the examination in the specific subjects.

This private college in Bhopal successfully provides quality education to produce a generation of efficient and professional doctors. And, this is one of the best private Ayurvedic colleges in Madhya Pradesh.

For further requirements and admission-related queries, please visit their official website.


In the present scenario, where each section of society is composed of female members, the health of women is an important aspect to cater to. Women are frequently advised to have annual or at least 3 yearly health checks with any specialist. And, a Gynaecologist performs numerous tasks which include preventive care, clinical breast examination, pelvic examination, sexual health, vaccination, conception, birth control, and mental health.

In today’s world, there are countless reasons to emphasize the significance of a Gynaecologist in a woman’s life, and therefore it is important to choose the best Gynaecologist. And, if you are willing to make a career in this profession or become a gynaecologist, it is highly recommended to do proper research and get an appropriate post-graduation degree, after completing a Bachelor’s degree course. Choosing the ideal BAMS institute is essential for those students who want to deal with women-centric diseases. Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine should be your prime choice.

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I evaluate students’ educational backgrounds in order to help them determine what they need to do next to achieve their goals. I advise them about what courses and educational programs they need for particular careers. I also help them select the right schools or programs for their needs.


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Civil Engineering is probably the oldest branch of engineering. It involves the study of planning, design, construction, maintenance, and supervision of new and existing projects. These can include towers, bridges, roads, airports, etc. Btech in civil engineering is a four-year course based on a semester system, whose graduates go on to become site engineers, structural engineers, construction engineers, and so on and so forth.


The eligibility requirements for pursuing a Btech In Civil Engineering are quite similar to those of any other engineering course. However, little details can vary from college to college.

  • 50% or above marks in 10+2 examinations from a recognised board with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths) combination
  • Diploma holders in civil engineering are directly eligible for Btech in Civil Engineering in some colleges
  • There is a relaxation (40%) for students of the reserved categories
  • Good marks or ranking in entrance examinations
  • Some colleges have an age limit for aspirants. It is usually between 17 to 24 years in most cases.

Admission Process

The admission criteria for most colleges is having good scores in national or state-level entrance examinations. Each institute has its own cutoff rate on the basis of rankings or percentages in these entrance examinations. Some private colleges of repute even have their own entrance examination on the basis of which seats are allotted. The best engineering colleges in Maharashtra, for example, allot seats on the basis of rankings in the MHT CET. Some private colleges also conduct direct admission on the basis of merit or donations.

Fees and Scholarships

The fees for a full-length (4 years) Btech in civil engineering course runs around 2-6 lakhs on average. Of course, this varies from college to college.

Thankfully, most colleges and universities offer comprehensive scholarship options to meritorious students and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Engineering colleges in Solapur, like Terna College of Engineering, Osmanabad, offer a range of scholarships from academic scholarships, to government scholarships and AICTE scholarships. These scholarships benefit lots of students and waiver costs between INR 10000 to even 100% of the total cost of tuition.


Civil Engineers graduating from B Tech colleges in Maharashtra can choose from a lot of fields to specialize in. These include:

  • Construction Engineering – Deals with the design and management of projects like sewage systems, roadways, etc., in the construction industry
  • Geotechnical Engineering – Deals with how man-made structures interface with the ground they are built on top of
  • Structural Engineering – Deals with creating stable, rigid, and environmentally safe structures
  • Bridge Engineering – Deals with the drawing and construction of bridges with excellent structural integrity and load-bearing capacity
  • Land Development – Deals with the division of land and its allotment for different use cases in close relation with government agencies
  • Transportation Engineering – Deals with the building, construction, planning, design, operation, and maintenance of stable transportation systems like roads, airways, railways, ports, etc
  • Hydraulic Engineering – Deals with the flow, corrosion, and design and development of structures through which liquids flow, like canals or sewage systems.
  • Environmental Engineering – Deals with projects related to environmental safety and protection like air pollution control systems, water reclamation systems, etc.
  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering – Deals with conceptualization and design of structures that interface with oceans like flood control systems, artificial islands, etc.
  • Fire Protection Engineering – deals with the design of safeguards that prevent, control, or mitigate fires
  • General Engineering – Deals with converting a piece of land for use from one purpose to another
  • Irrigation Engineering – Deals with the design, maintenance, etc., of irrigation systems
  • Materials Engineering – Deals with materials used in construction and their application based on their inherent properties
  • Urban Engineering – Deals with Urban Planning and development
  • Water Resources Engineering – Deals with the management and design of water resources like springs, water treatment facilities, etc.
Civil Engineering B.Tech Degree

Subjects in Civil Engineering

A typical syllabus for a civil engineering course in Btech colleges in Solapur may look like this, based on a semester basis:

Semester 1:

  • Physics 1
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • Functions of Variables
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Physics Lab 1

Semester 2:

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Civil Engineering: Materials and Construction
  • Physics 2
  • Series and Matrices
  • Chemistry 1
  • Chemistry Lab

Semester 3:

  • Transportation Engineering 1
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Mathematics

Semester 4:

  • Geotechnical Engineering 1
  •  Transportation Engineering 2
  • Structural Analysis
  • Humanities Elective 1
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Science Electives

Semester 5:

  • Geotechnical Engineering 2
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Basic RC Design
  • Life Sciences
  • Construction Material Lab

Semester 6:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Humanities Elective 2
  • Basic Steel Design

Semester 7:

Semester 8:

Career Prospects

Graduates of civil engineering from engineering colleges in Solapur, for example, have a lot of career opportunities depending on their specialization. These range from 3-5 LPA for a civil engineer with no specialization to 6-7 LPA for a rare specialization like a Water Resource Engineer or  Environmental Engineer. Experienced civil engineers with specializations can go up to earn even as much as 40 LPA.


Civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of every structure ever built by humans and ever will be built in the future. Therefore, there is no dearth of scope if you choose to study BTech in Civil Engineering from TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad. With benefits like quick job growth, high packages, freedom of imagination, high demand, and the ability to visit exotic places to work on projects, there is no reason not to choose this course for a stable and blooming career.

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It is always fun and interesting to know more literature and learn different writing styles and absorb more knowledge on grammar. The English degree was first introduced in 1828 and now has come a long way. Presently, we can consider it as a distinct degree to pursue in a world where people are running after IT or apathetic jobs.

Mansarovar Global University (MGU) located in Sehora, Bhopal is the best university in MP. They offer the foremost education in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Their dedication and ethics to impart students with the best wisdom, values and curriculum have made them one of the best MA colleges in Bhopal.

With that in mind, let us look at some of the key aspects that will decide if a Master’s in English is right for you or not.

Literature is a broad subject to study. MA in English deals with the study of poems, dramas, linguistics, and communication. The curriculum is not only restricted to one country but one has to study content from all over the world and overall period of time. It is a two-year postgraduate course and once completed you have a lot of opportunities waiting for you.

1. Attractive Course Curriculum

MGU which is known as the best private University in Bhopal has the best MA English curriculum. As mentioned earlier, in-depth learning of literature from around the world will have an extensive amount of topics to study. Let’s look in detail at what are some of the core subjects you will get in an MA English degree.

  • English Fiction books-Pride and Prejudice, David Copperfield, Middlemarch, Joseph Andrews
  • Traditional English Drama books-The School for Scandal, She Stoops to Conquer, The way of the world, Volpone
  • Background to English Poetry
  • Teachings of Grammar, Language Skills, Poetry, Drama, and Fiction
  • English Semantics
  • Language and Society
  • Indian Prose Study
  • American Literature
  • Shakespeare- King Lear, Macbeth, Julius Caesar

Along with these, each year students have to submit their research study.

Master's In English

2. Flourishing Job Profiles

Pursuing one of the finest degrees out in the world consequently grants you a permit to a number of unique opportunities. Let us look at some of the job profiles you can pursue after completing your MA English degree

Job Profile Description Average Salary
Content Writer Writing professional and authentic articles for websites that will help engage and attract more audiences. Work with different brands or organizations and write appealing content Approx 2 LPA to 6 LPA
Teacher Imparting knowledge in students and spreading wisdom that will help them to have a bright future. Approx 2 LPA to 5 LPA
Content Editor Editing, phrasing content. Coordinating with content writers for the publication of articles. Marketing or advertising products through content writing. Approx 2 LPA to 8 LPA
Academic Writer Publishing non-fiction work which includes reports, research work, and other academic prose Approx 2 LPA to 6 LPA
English Translator Translating given reports or documents in the English language Approx 2 LPA to 6 LPA
Magazine or Newspaper Editor Writing articles or content for newspapers or magazines, publishing work related to ongoing issues or affairs Approx 2 LPA to 15 LPA
Writer One can always go ahead and publish their own work in fiction or non-fiction work Depends from publication to publication

3. Abroad Job Opportunities

Arts humanities and social sciences courses offer amazing career opportunities to students in India and abroad too. It is imperative to say, the English language is one of the dominating languages in the world. It ranks among the top 5 most spoken languages in the world. One of the best pros of having a master’s degree in English will allow you to seek jobs in other countries as well. If you are someone who loves to travel or is seeking opportunities outside India, then this degree will help you grow anywhere in the world. If one wishes to settle down in another country and work as a copywriter or translator, your Masters’s degree may come in handy. By that, let us look at some of the top countries hiring MA English graduates-

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

4. Freelancing Opportunities

Freelancing is one of the hottest things in the market right now. Thanks to the lockdown, everyone has gained the benefits of remote working as well as time management. Self Employment and being your own boss is the best kind of work. It gives you the bandwidth to select your type of work within your own crucial time. Turning over your content writing services on a contract or project basis and getting paid for it. You can build your own client portfolio and establish your name in the market with an increasing number of projects. There is always scope for experimenting with your writing and having a canvas to paint with your own words and expertise in the freelancing world. For this, your Master’s in English degree will be conveniently useful.

5. Improved Personality

There is no doubt by reading such great books and analyzing their work one can gain nothing. Studying renowned work from around the world will give you a sense of accomplishment and uniqueness. Inspecting different concepts and gaining insights from great writers will enhance your writing skills along with your communication and interpersonal skills. You will grow as a person and you will be associated with a field that has an eminent reputation among other fields.


Pursuing an MA English degree will have a huge and beneficial impact on your career growth and will help you overall upgrade as a person. We hope this article gives you clear and conscientious insight into what is lined up for you if you choose to complete an MA English degree and helps you decide whether or not a Masters’s degree in English is right for you. If you are associated with Mansarovar Global University(MGU) and concluding your degree from one of the best MA English colleges in Bhopal will be beneficial for you and grant you a lot of opportunities in your career and wish you all the very best for your future.

Anita Lindquist is the Head of Curriculum in a Secondary School in Stockholm. She is an advocate for excellence in public education and passionate about learning and teaching methodologies.


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With advancements in the field of technology and available resources, a degree in information technology helps us in many ways. In the present scenario, there is a slight increase in the number of Information Technology Engineering students.

Information Technology does contribute to our everyday lives, and also plays a significant role in commercial, professional, and personal purposes.

Nowadays, every sector involves the use of computers and technology on a daily basis. Therefore, almost every organization includes criteria like, “B.Tech in Information Technology” or “Masters in Information Technology” in their job descriptions. Also, there are somewhat more career options in the IT sector, compared to other fields of engineering.

Therefore, some of the top engineering colleges in Thane emphasize learning and providing proper career guidance in this context. 

In this blog, we will learn about Information Technology Engineering, and what will be the impacts of considering this subject as a career option.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) generally involves the study of computers and any type of telecommunications that retrieve, transmit, study, store, manipulate data, and successfully send information. Moreover, the study of Information Technology includes a combination of both hardware and software, that is used to perform the essential tasks that people need and use regularly.

IT usually influences the everyday tasks of individuals, which include gathering information, shopping online, visiting a doctor or booking an appointment, banking, and dining out. Furthermore, be it any sort of business, departments of higher education, healthcare services, finance, or food departments, Information Technology always plays a crucial role in every aspect.

Usual structure and syllabus of Information Technology Engineering

The IT course for undergraduates is divided into eight semesters. Going by the marking system, every student is given points as per the number of subjects included in each semester.

However, the syllabus of this course involves subjects related to Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Soft Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web Technologies, Software Architecture, Simulation and Modelling, Advances Database Structures, and many more.

But recently, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Business security, Blockchain drones, and IoT are recognized as some of the trends, revolutionizing the industry. And with increasing job openings, the IT sector has become the cornerstone of the engineering fraternity.

Moreover, there are renowned and excellent engineering colleges located in the state of Maharashtra. Among them, TERNA Engineering College in Mumbai is one of the most popular and recognized by all. Along with other specializations, TERNA Engineering College in Navi Mumbai includes Information Technology Engineering in its curriculum and is made available for undergraduate,  postgraduate, and Ph.D. students.

Information Technology

Department of Information Technology (TERNA Engineering College)

The Information Technology department aims at providing proper guidance and knowledge to their students. Also, tries to ensure that their teachings and lessons help the students to reach new heights by enhancing their skills, executing real-world projects for gaining experience, applying innovative ideas, and preparing themselves to face the competitive world.

However, the IT course for undergraduate students was established in 2002 and has around 60 intake capacity. Later, the postgraduate course was established between 2011-12 with nearly 18 intake capacity. The Ph.D. course was set up between 2014-15 with 10 intake capacity. Overall, the department has managed to complete around 14 batches, without any flaws. Moreover, it consists of numerous university-ranking students to their names.  

Most importantly, this department comprises experienced and dedicated faculty members. With the assistance of those faculty members, the department has successfully organized various workshops, guest lectures, seminars, real-time projects, industrial visits, and internships for their students. This is because of their strong belief that such initiatives will be beneficial for the students, and will further keep them updated with the real-world scenario. The department consists of 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, and 9 Assistant Professors, who are always open to new ideas, innovation, and practices.

Moreover, the department offers hands-on experience with Mac OS to develop Mobile iOS applications. And, classes with LCD projectors (Digi Class). It has fully furnished laboratories with all the essentials.

Their achievements include securing 2nd Rank in “Smart India Hackathon-2017”, which was a National Level competition.

In the competition, this department of engineering college in Mumbai managed to register a cash prize of approximately Rs. 75,000/- to their names.

Also, they successfully secured 2nd Rank in the “UI Path Hackathon” conducted by Tech Mahindra. There, they received around Rs. 1,05,000/-

Furthermore, the department has successfully arranged various departmental programs. Some of those programs include:

  • Workshop on “MS-Word and MS- Excel”, from 25 to 28 October 2021
  • One week Faculty Development Programme on “Deep Learning and Applications”
  • Faculty Orientation Program for “Wireless Network & Sensor Network Lab” on 10 January 2019
  • 5 days STTP on “Advancement in Data Analytics” in association with Gauranga Technologies on 2nd July 2018- 7th July 2018
  • Placement Orientation Lecture for Teradata on recent technologies (Big Data, R, Python)

Besides these, there were other essential and career-related programs, conducted by this top-most engineering college in Mumbai.

The link to the online application form for undergraduate students is For further admission-related queries, do visit their website.

Also, the placement cell of this engineering college in Mumbai properly guides, and comes up with good and deserved opportunities for the candidates. Over the years, it has helped the applicants to achieve their desired goals and ambitions.

The TERNA Engineering College in Mumbai is well-known for its ability to strengthen the skills and realize the potential of students. And among the top BE colleges in Maharashtra, it is specifically appreciated for its properly-maintained and disciplined Time-Table.

With the motto of providing guidance and shaping the dreams of individuals, this engineering college in Mumbai was established in 1991. Moreover, this is one of the top-most BE colleges in Navi Mumbai.

Researcher educator specializing in Ed Tech, educational innovations, computer-supported collaborative learning, and technology integration. Based in Singapore.


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The realm of fashion has widened and been explored in a humongous span. Spin through the world, we find countless varieties of fashion aspects in different zones, places, and countries. Every factor at various points will have a different fashion outlay. Considering clothing, the clothing style of India is a lot more distinct from that of the clothing style in Western countries. Another example would be jewelry fashion. The mode of adorning jewelry in India is way more unique when compared to that of Western countries. In the long run, this vast pool of diversity in the fashion system has created a unique space in the educational and professional sectors. Numerous courses have been developed in the past years to educate students about fashion designing. The courses are well structured, with impeccable theoretical and practical knowledge about the fashion designing industry.

An enormous number of colleges and universities, including the University in Raipur, have started providing fashion designing courses in their institutes. This article provides a clear view of fashion designing and its courses.

What is fashion designing? Know about it

The art of inculcating knowledge about different fabrics, patterns, styles, colors, and trends in designing and manufacturing clothing, jewelry, apparel, accessories, and many other goods displaying fashion is called fashion designing.

Fashion design has bloomed into a fantastic career option with high-paying job roles in the past decades. A broad range of industries, such as garments, apparel, cinema, and many more, are recruiting fashion designing experts for their requirements. Fashion designing courses have become one of the most approached courses in recent years. This course is one of the unique creative courses available for students with a lot of innovative ideas.

Fashion designing courses

Fashion designing institutes all over India provide an extensive array of fashion designing courses. Fashion Designing University in India, including University in Chhattisgarh, offers courses in various levels like Diploma in Fashion Designing, Bachelor’s in Fashion Designing, etc.

Famous fashion designing universities like Kalinga University provides the following fashion designing courses:

  • B.Sc in Fashion Design
  • B.Sc in Fashion Design(Lateral Entry)
  • M.Sc in Fashion Design

Students of the current year need clarification about whether B.Sc in fashion design can be pursued after the 12th. B.Sc in fashion design is one of the Undergraduate courses that can be pursued after 12th grade.

Duration and Eligibility criteria for fashion designing courses:

The duration and eligibility criteria for each fashion designing course differ, as explained below:


A diploma in fashion design is usually a 1-year course. The candidate should have completed 10th grade at least for admission. If the applicant has completed 12th grade, they can join through lateral entry. 

B.Sc in Fashion Design

Bachelor’s in Fashion Design is a 3-year course in Universities like Kalinga University, a Fashion Design college in Raipur. The applicant should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board. 

B.Sc in Fashion Design(Lateral Entry)

Being a lateral entry course, the applicant completes the same course in 2 years. The eligibility criterion is completing AICTE/NCVT-approved 1 year diploma in FD after 10+2.

M.Sc in Fashion Design

Masters in Fashion Design is a 2-year course for which the applicant should have completed B.Sc in Fashion Design.

Fashion Designing

Admission process

Admission procedures vary among fashion designing institutes. In Universities like Kalinga University, the admission procedure is as follows:

  • The candidates should take up the entrance examination – Kalinga Scholastic Entrance Examination.
  • The entrance examination will be online for 90 minutes for UG and PG courses.
  • The entrance examination will be online for 120 minutes for Ph.D. courses.
  • The pass percentage would be 50%.

Certificates required for admission

  • For Diploma and Undergraduate programs, the applicant should submit a copy of class X and XII and migration/transfer certificates.
  • For Postgraduate programs, the applicant must submit a Copy of X, XII, Graduation Certificate (all 3 years Marksheet, Degree/Provisional Degree) & Migration Certificates.

Career options in fashion designing

People of today’s world have turned more fashion-oriented to present themselves with a more stylish outlook. As the mindset towards fashion has expanded, the opportunities in the fashion designing industry have expanded simultaneously. Here is a list of a few fields that are wide open for fashion designers:

  • Teaching
  • Apparel Industry Management
  • Film industry
  • Jewelry designing
  • Costume designing

Top companies that hire fashion designers

Many fashion designing universities, like Kalinga University, a University in Raipur, offer placement opportunities after the course. Renowned companies that tune the fashion industry continue to recruit fashion designers. Find the list of companies that welcomes fashion designers:

Company name Facet of fashion sector
Khosla Profil Pvt Ltd Apparel manufacturing company
Star Silk Exports Pvt Ltd Apparel manufacturing company
Lifestyle Fashion communications
Shopper’s Stop Fashion communications
Sabyasachi Mukherjee Fashion designer
Neeta Lulla Fashion designer
MTV Fashion media
Vogue Fashion media
Times of India Fashion media

As the article details the scope of fashion designing courses in the upcoming years, it is the duty of a wise student to make the right choices. Many Universities in India provide top-notch education and training in the fashion designing field, and one among those is Kalinga University as they provide an extraordinary Fashion Designing course in Raipur. They provide students with a curriculum of global standards, thus providing excellent exposure to international platforms.

Analyze and research the courses offered in multiple institutes and choose the best fashion designing course, like the ones at Kalinga University.

Valentina is a Primary School teacher in Miami, Florida. She is an advocate for literacy and hands-on teaching. She enjoys creating arts & crafts projects with her students, setting up theatrical plays, and utilising innovative teaching resources.


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So, you’ve decided to study social work and want to build a solid career in this niche? How to succeed as a student majoring in social work?

With poverty, obesity, COVID-19, and other public health concerns threatening people’s well-being, a demand for more social workers has emerged worldwide. In 2019, there were 70,000+ jobs for social workers in the United States. Interestingly, social work-related occupations are expected to rise by 9% this decade, with an average annual salary of $50,000. It means that studying social work can help you join this booming career and contribute to the betterment of humanity. Let’s review how you can finish your social work studies and start your career advancement efforts.

Tips for social work students

Studies from 2022 suggest that social work careers are in demand in this COVID-afflicted age. Research indicates that, though fewer students enrolled in higher education programs in 2019-2020 in America, social work saw a small growth (1%) in bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In light of all these facts, many students decide to become social workers. But do you have what it takes to be one? Read the tips mentioned here to know how to be a better learner and benefit from a college education.

1. Choose your specialization

While pursuing your master’s in social work (MSW) degree, you should specialize in something and make the degree more valuable. Students often choose specializations in pediatrics, geriatrics, and criminal justice, among other subjects. Becoming a geriatric social worker means working with older adults and focusing on their well-being. Geriatric social workers serve adults suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It’s a fulfilling career with many chances for professional development.

2. Get a mentor

Look for mentors among your faculty so they can give you some relevant insights about this field. They can give you personalized suggestions about improving yourself professionally. Take advantage of their expertise and hone your soft skills under their guidance.

3. Develop yourself professionally

Academic institutes can offer you different professional development opportunities, e.g., attending social work seminars and conferences. You can listen to guest speakers discussing emergent problems with social relevance. Find organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers, where you can find many other professional development options. That’s how you can build your network.

4. Find research opportunities

Improve your resume with research projects in which you’ve participated. These opportunities keep social work students well-informed about all the new scientific research relevant to their work. You should find some information on possible research options from your professors. Communicate with them and try to have your name associated with a research publication.

5. Network with people

Make powerful connections with your peers and teachers. These connections will help you land a decent job in the future. So, you may ask: Which state pays social workers the most? Your connections will inform you that New Jersey and Connecticut and the highest-paying states in the field of social work after California. This information and many others can help you plan your future in social work.

Social Work Students

6. Manage your time

As a social work student, you must manage your time carefully for optimal academic results. Your time management skills will come in handy when entering the practical world and when you have to handle many clients. Managing your time isn’t difficult when you decide to follow a particular method to make daily to-do lists, such as the ABC method.

7. Try to calendarize

Students have many responsibilities that include preparing for upcoming tests and completing assignments, among others. Don’t forget to use apps, e.g., iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar, to schedule your chores and monitor all future academic events. Turn notifications on so you won’t miss a deadline. This can keep you updated with your lesson plans.

8. Enhance your experience

Gaining some experience in your learning days will make you more eligible for social work jobs in the future. Many students undertake volunteer work as social work students, to interact with people and become familiar with the future work environment. These experiences will help you determine your niche. So, you can decide if you’re more suitable to work with children or adults, people with mental health conditions, or trauma victims.

9. Focus on self-care

Social workers are vulnerable to burnout and depression because this job requires strong emotional fortitude. Studies suggest that 41% of social workers in 2022 were emotionally exhausted in the last 12 months. However, you can prevent burnout by focusing on self-care from the very beginning. While a career is extremely rewarding, neglecting your well-being won’t let you focus on your work.

10. Raise your voice

Social work isn’t just about learning a few strategies and implementing them in the real world. Learn how successful social worker advocates on their client’s behalf and courageously express their ideas in front of the public. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions with others. It’s okay to have a unique perspective on things. So, raise your voice without any fear of ridicule or judgment.


Social work students should find a mentor to learn all the skills necessary for a career in this field. Learn to organize your studies and develop professional qualities and soft skills. Find research options so you may kickstart your career while familiar with trade secrets. But – most importantly – choose your specialization and find your niche. That’s how you can make the most of your time as a social work student.

Kate Staples is a career coach from Canada. She specializes in personal development, leadership, and mentoring students, recent graduates, and career changers to create a new career path and define their work skills, values and preferences. She is a blogger, speaker, and long-distance runner.


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Everyone has dreams. It is essential to work and stay focused if you want your dreams to come true. Well, this is necessary unless you want them to remain dreams. If you have always dreamt of studying abroad, then you must understand how you can make your admission as an international student a success. Remember you are not the only one who is applying or will be admitted, and you need to stand out from the crowd. You must figure out every admission requirement, have the required admission fees, and have your visa ready among other requirements.

We all agree on one thing: the whole process is not simple as it sounds. Luckily, we have gathered tips from experts to follow to have a successful admission for international students. Take your time and go through the following. It will be worth it.

Ensure Your Academic Results Meet the Requirements

This is a very important tip to have in mind when you want to succeed in admission for international students. Having good academic results will greatly boost the chances of getting accepted. If you are still in school right now, then ensure that you put more effort into the final exam. There is also an English proficiency test that you need to take. Make sure you hit the minimum score, and if possible, get a better score.

Get Support

85 percent of international students around the whole world have support either from family, friends, or support networks such as Interstride. This is one way to have a successful admission for international students because you can simply navigate through the whole process easily. Please, do not do it alone; if possible, find someone who can help.

Successful Admission

Follow the Application Process for Admission for International Students

Various countries have unique processes to follow when applying for an opportunity as an international student. Depending on which country you have chosen, follow the right application process through the university’s official website. Fill out all the required information and submit the documents. It is important to apply as early as possible to beat the competition and deadline.

Prepare Your Funds for Admission for International Students

Being an international student comes with costs. You will have to pay for your program and continue supporting yourself as you study. So, you must have your funds in place. Calculate all the costs and figure out how you are going to continue paying them until you are done with your studies for a successful admission for international students.

Choose the Right School

There are a lot of schools around the globe that admit students from all over the world. Because of this, it might be a little daunting to find the right institution to choose. So, the first thing you should consider about each institution is the cost. Is it affordable? What about your academic results; are they acceptable? Narrow down all the options and choose what is best for you.

In Summary

Now that you have all the tips, what are you waiting for? Start your successful admission for international students right now and be ready for your adventure.

Experienced Educational Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Passionate about early childhood education and empowering educators to make informed instructional decisions to meet the needs of all learners. Skilled in professional development, instructional design, curriculum development, educational marketing, and educational publishing and editing. Strong consulting professional with a M.S.Ed. in Curriculum Development and Instruction from California State University at Fullerton. Currently living is Seoul.


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